Aug. 18th, 2007

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So there, and now I can say that I have not only defended my course choice against my friends, my family, and my teachers; I can now add the MiniStop Lady to my list of verbal opponents with regard to that. )


I had my follow-up checkup Thursday with my ENT doctor, who as I mentioned in a previous entry obliterated my poor vein, and he mentioned casually that the name of the vein he killed was “septum” after I mentioned that it had bled again 6 days after its alleged demise.

Unfortunately for me, the first thing I thought of was the septum found in the heart (separating the right side from the left) and I had gruesome pictures of that septum exploding and my oxygenated and deoxygenated blood (colored red and blue respectively, following the illustrations found in the beloved Campbell book) mixing. I am however 50% sure I heard him wrong because I had a cold then, and colds diminish my hearing accuracy greatly.

Hopefully, as I’ve been looking in my laboratory manual and I cannot find any vein in the nose (or artery) called septum.


Next week (if it isn’t postponed) is LadyMed, which is the yearly competition between the batches in the College of Medicine of UP wherein each batch changes (I think the operative word here is “transforms beyond recognition”) a straight guy into a beautiful lady. Our entry is JF, and certainly the operative word is not an exaggeration. I am however traumatized by the seductive poses he makes (which, as we have seen earlier in the first LadyMed we entered, the judges eat up).


Given the outdoor nature of my PE (Walking) and my teacher’s insistence that we still have class, we ended up doing aerobics. )


Good morning, and it’s Saturday and I can’t believe I’m reading a proof for Physics in my Biology book (wtf, Kardong?). Thank you, and I now return you to your regularly (theoretically) scheduled blog post.


I sincerely apologize for the second to the last previous post, which was 1) absolute crack, 2) deranged, and 3) rather vague yet glaringly obvious at the same time. It was so fun to write, though, I’m thinking of doing something like that again. Someday. Somehow.

And for the previous post…

I won’t apologize, nor will I pretend everything is all right, because it is the truth. It’s the blinking honest truth, and I don’t care if it hurts you, you, or you (and of course no one but the three “yous” know who I’m referring to, so bah).


But looking at the dark night sky, the sky that has just come back into focus, and the streets below, washed of grime that will be reacquired once the new day beckons, and I falter from opening my beloved textbooks, wishing to observe these some more, give them some more time, these days. )


Some people have called it (the end of the Harry Potter series) the end of childhood, their childhood days, and others have called it the end of an era. (No Spoilers.) )


I want this.

I want that.

But I don’t step on others to get what I want like you do.

You may be the golden one, the one everyone thinks the saint, and I, the one everyone labels the loner-fool, but what we do –those things we term actions- reveal the truth about you and I, of what we really are.

Be damned, then, and don’t forget the pitchfork. (You deserve it anyway.) Cheers.

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