Date: 2007-01-29 06:11 pm (UTC)
OMG lorraine ang touching talaga ng greeting mo! @_@ thank you thank you thank you talaga!!! :D

si penchang ba yung roommate mo na sampa nung 2nd yr? la lang,, trying to recall XP

yep i was the sage, Viswamithra XP also,, i was not just any demon warrior... i was THE demon warrior prince, Indrajit XP that is kung si Ravana yung king,, haha! =P i remember bringing the colorful blanket with turtles to pisay,, but i forgot what exactly i used it for :( and pati yung beheading thing sa English nakalimutan ko na rin :( OMG natandaan ko bigla yun!!! yun yung diorama [tama ba?] diba!!! haha,, ang fun fun ng day na yun =P interestingly,, birthday ko rin nung 3rd yr Math intersection... kaya siguro ang laki ng nung winning margin ko nun [yep you're correct,, and as far as i can remember 2 digits ata yung lamang ko nun] XP

hehe thank you nga pala dun sa tikoy,, i really liked it :D haha grabe kinumpleto mo na ata yung qualifications ko XP

*sigh* i wish i have memory as excellent as yours,, ang dami mo kasi naalala nung high school =P kung hindi mo nga sinulat yung iba malamang totally nakalimutan ko na yung mga yun XP

anyway thank you very much again lorraine :D it was indeed a great day for me,, thanks to my caring friends like you ;)
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