Date: 2007-01-30 11:59 am (UTC)
I'm glad you liked it, Vinni-san :) You're very welcome :)

Hee, AV was my roommate. But Pauline-san was like our honorary roommate in second year because she would always visit us :)

I forgot your names in Ramayana >_< Basta naaalala ko yung weird outfit mo as Viswamithra pati yung fight scene niyo ni Kenneth-san :) Yung colorful blanket w/turtles - Socsci presentation natin sa 3rd year (about Roman empire?) tapos sort of royal/rich cloak costume mo siya (kasama mo ata si Julia sa scene na iyon). I think it was the presentation where Franz-san played a gladiator and some of the girls wanted him to be topless :) Tapos yun ata yung concept natin parang museum eh :) Yup yup, diorama about Japan yun. Alala ko si Andok-san nagsuot ng bathrobe ni Julia para sa kanilang diorama. :) Math intersection... I remember a lot of people being shocked at your winning... especially from Beryllium. But your win was very well-deserved :)

I'm glad you liked the tikoy :) Mabigat siya dalhin sa Pisay >_< I'd send you one this year but I think it'll spoil before you get it >_< Hmmm, qualifications? =P

Thank you :) Actually I'm starting to forget a lot of stuff from high school :( I spent a whole day last week trying to remember the song we sang for the Paskorus eliminations in Ruby. *donk* But at least I remembered enough stuff about you and Potassium days :)

Hee, I'm glad to hear that it was a great day :) You're very very welcome :)
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