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In my last post, I listed several quotes from my previous lj entries. There was so much angst and happiness and anger and even confusion in one year of typing. It's funny, because all of those quotes seemed unrelated, haphazardly collected yet they make up something inexplicable, unique, and different.

And I'm really happy, since so many people posted and said they liked my writing (in the last entry). :) Getting compliments like these is a new experience for me. :) Really, thanks. :) You all made my day a lot happier. :)

After rereading all my entries I find myself wondering about how I got to this point in time, this place in the world (Intarmed, if you must). Honestly, if you asked me what I wanted to be in grade 7, I would have said that I wanted to be a computer engineer. (Hahahahaha dreams of a Lorraine who didn't know of the horrors of resistors.) Before that, I wanted to be a concert pianist. When I was even younger, I harbored a dream of becoming a ballerina - but then life came by and that was rendered impossible.

It's funny. I had a story published in the Science Scholar in first year. Jean and Inzo-sama both have saved copies of my story. I even autographed my English teacher's copy after she read it. >_< Leo even read it aloud when he got his copy of the newspaper. (Bad Leo. Bad. This was also during an experiment in IS.) I became known because of this story - people from other batches and even teachers approached me and asked who he was. My gosh, even Sir Villavert read it. >_< Every year, whenever I meet my new classmates for the first time, that story will come up and everyone will say who they think he is. Apparently it was very popular.

But I don't have a copy of it. I lost the newspaper where it was printed, lost the final draft, and I have no idea where the computer file is.

Eventually my friend gave me a copy but as we all know, too many things can happen to things written on paper (burning, disintegration, get flushed down the toilet). This is why I will now enshrine it here in my lj, where hopefully no coffee stains nor paper shredders will render it unreadable.

//Warning: I am not responsible for any barfing induced by reading this. I wrote this four years ago. Gawd, I was a sap back then. A verbose sap. It's interesting to see how much my writing style has evolved yet somehow stayed the same. And yes, I am such a passive person. Thank you.

The infamous story that haunted my whole Pisay stay... (with side comments) )


I'm an overly sensitive soul who wasn't so sensitive at one point in time and is now overly so to make up for it.

At least, this is what I told my Intarmed classmate as explanation for my apology.


I heard that there is now a carabao at Pisay :) :)

That's it, I want to visit. Soon. Asap. Something.

Not to mention I want to see if it's true that the squatter population living in front of Pisay has diminished greatly since we left.


I would like to be an activist but sadly I have a Philo test at the exact same time that I am called to be one.

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