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I guess the first thing I write here is that I got poisoned by naphtalene. Barfed eleven times because I smelled it.

Yay. More stuff for my allergies list. Never again. Almost missed Physics + Econ perio because of it. Even Ma'am Yazon was worried about me for a while. She said that I wasn't smiling much.

Haha. I guess it's good that the director is worried about me. Yay.


My roommate and I got driven crazy last weekend (yes, the weekend when we were supposed to be studying for perio) trying to remember how "Papercut" by Linkin Park was sung. Hahaha. Then we asked people and they didn't know either. Hahaha. I asked Don-kun when we did STR Sunday but I didn't hear him that well since the spectrophotometer hated us for a while. Wednesday I found my old album and played it until my cd player died.

Shoot. I don't want to remember the times I went through when I listened to that.


Someone told me Friday to go to Seniors' Night. Then he didn't come. Damn.

His loss. I think. I think he ended up playing DOTA though. Drat.


I learned a lot of things during Seniors' Night.

I learned that a lot of people want their handwriting analyzed.

I learned that Sir Vlad is insane. ^_^

I learned that I know what Julia-san's smile looks like. (Too bad I couldn't join the contest. Can't indian-sit.)

I learned that my family situation sucks compared to other people.

Ah well.
More on the night I slept in Gluon zone )


So he said hi. And I said hi.

Is this the start of a beautiful friendship? More like he probably wondered why my face turned deathly pale when I saw him.

Damn my naphtalene allergies. And damn his smelling like it right when I saw him.

Shoot, I wonder what he thought of that.

I can't believe he didn't know I was a dormer. Shoot.


For some reason, this amuses me.

Guess that Friend

I made a color bar!! I suck at photoshop, but I was able to make one! ^_^

Ruby Camia Potassium Graviton Pisay sections is love.

Now if I could only make one for each section... ^_^;


Intrams this week. I think I'll just hide under the pillows and watch Advent Children again and again until I have to return it to Wilson-san. Hahaha. I'd probably get hit by a volleyball again, just like in all the other intrams I've reluctantly attended.

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