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Kahit 07 ang sinasabing nanalo, 06 the best parin sa cheerdancing! :) Pinaguusapan nga namin nina Furqaan-san na siguro sa gym na ang prom natin dahil naubos na ng 07 ang pera nila sa cheerdancing costumes nila at yung balloons. >_< May mga moves sa cheer ng 06 na nasa presentation namin (Graviton) sa Pinoy... >_<


Wow, kilala pala ng kuya ko si Dr. Moreno. (Note: this is the brother who's Batch '96.) Amazing. My brother apparently got tutored by him in the dorm (!!!) in Physics. Rather, my brother used to barge into Dr. Moreno's room and say "Sir, paano gawin 'to?" Considering that my brother ended up becoming president of the Physics Honor Society and Top 5 of the batch, I guess Sir Moreno really is a good teacher. :)


In the end, I didn't fail anything. Yay. :) Never mind the people who kept telling me that "Apat lang ang walang bagsak sa Grav. At wala ka dun.".

Note to self: Do not believe the rumors floating around Graviton. Rather, only believe the rumors you hear from Bea-san. :) She told me I didn't fail anything and apparently I didn't.


Damn. I have to find my copy of Don Quixote. I know we had it around here somewhere...


DL dapat ako kung walang STR. Damn.


I am now officially addicted to Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis. Damn. This is as bad as when I was playing the original Ogre Battle on the Playstation. Or Star Ocean 2. Or Chrono Trigger on the SNES. Or Suikoden (the first). Or Pokemon Blue in 5th grade (haha).

This is all Wilson-san's fault. I started playing because he told me to. Damn.

At least I'm level 14 now, instead of the paltry level 5 I was last week.


CAT = evil. I had to go around checking the classes for people who had incomplete uniform/were cutting CAT/had no uniform at all/were excused (lucky people). The only good thing was that I didn't have to clean up the area. >_<

Kiel (while checking Gluon for those with incomplete uniform): "John Mar, zipper!" I really did not need to see that. Thank you.


He's still himself. He's intelligent, but clueless. That's all there is to it, and I have to take him as he is. Because everything that he is...

And even if the world turns against me, it'll still be all right, because he is there, and for me that is enough...

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