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I feel really sick for some reason. Not to mention my sleeping schedule is jacked up. Up all night, dead after 8:00 am, resurrect around 1:00 pm for lunch, etc.

Watching j-dramas does that to me. Especially if it's Gokusen.

I told everyone I don't have celebrity crushes, but now I have one.

Image hosted by

*dies* Good actor, singer, looks... too bad he's five years older than me. >_<

Yes, I'm digressing. I really don't want to think of a certain person right now, or what he's done lately to me. Gomen nasai minna, atashi wa baka desu. This is the only way I can forget it all, drowning myself in various aspects of Japanese visual culture.

Well, except PS2 games in this particular case, with this particular person. Just when I was mastering how to use Jin... gah. Will not think of that.

Since Abby-san and Josef-san have done it... )
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Naruto dating sims = evil.

My eyes. They burn.

Damn you evil dating sim maker.


Eep. Too many things to do this break.

STR data gathering
English reading
STR revisions
Physics Problem Set
Math: Eureka
Health report
Econ SW (aka HW)
Filipino reading (for LT)
Chem studying(?)
CAT (fixing the attendance stuff, records)

Of course, I haven't started on anything. (Except the data gathering.)

I have a feeling I've forgotten something. Gah, I'm dead.

I'll start tomorrow.

Famous last words.


My family, is as always, unstable.

I can't wait to get away from this life.



How can I say it?

Oct 31 and Nov 1 (part of it) was love.


Nico-san + pisay schoolgirl outfit = love.

Well, Don-kun too.

Andoki-san. :)

Vinni-san + SA outfit + veryveryevilicecreamversion!ballandcuptoy = love.

Didn't get cotton candy because of the huge line. >_<

I now know what we were supposed to do in Fatal Frame. Gah.

I can't believe we (Nico-san, Katya-san, Albert-san, and I) all fell asleep during White Noise.

Sixth Sense = aww.

Codfish pie?


I'll take a break from the clues, the entries wherein he dominates for a while.

Let's just say something happened last night.

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