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I believe that I have done an infinitely stupid thing yet I have not been adequately punished for it. Thank the cosmos.

In my defense, I say that my brain was addled by simultaneously finalizing our research paper and studying for my Stat finals (and post-finals test).

In my rush to get to school (because I was unfortunately running late) for the test, I accidentally…

I don’t know why odd things always happen to me at the end of a grading period. )


I now have a new friend/stuffed toy/general oddity to keep me company as I sleep/write/procrastinate/study/watch anime/(insert other actions here).

My brother is amused by it because unlike most stuffed toys (which are generally animals), it is a…

G. A. S. P. )


It’s summer! (Or what little there is of it before it’s time to go back to the grade grind.) I am currently celebrating it by …

*crickets chirp*


I celebrate it by…

*looks embarrassed*

Having lots of guilt-free sleep marathons.

Well, and writing and writing, but that’s after I’ve woken up and eaten something (or right before I sleep).

For those who like Wicked (book or musical, preferably musical, or both), Youtube, and the Sims: hopefully not mutually exclusive groups. )

Seeing videos like these make me realize how much one can do with one computer game (and a lot of expansions and customized stuff).

In other The Sims related news, there is apparently going to be a Sims movie (info taken from here). *gasp* I wonder what kind of plot it would have…


The most epic Pokemon battle of all time!!!!

Rated PG-13 for multiple swearing, a cellphone, the lack of a Hyper Beam TM, and Ditto appearances. :)

I think my brain exploded from the battle. >_< But now I want to do something like that with my Pokemon game…


Belated happy birthday to Hopia-san, Danni, and Patrick :)


Is that what you’ve learned in your Science intensive course other than the difference between basalt and granite and the stages of ecological succession? )


Topless sandals?????

Picture and description taken from the website:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Topless sandals simulate walking barefoot while protecting your feet. Topless sandals stick to the bottom of your feet, but leave no residue on your feet when you take them off. The "stick" is guaranteed for a year, which is the typical life span of a flip flop. Topless sandals are basically topless flip flops, but so much cooler. You'll be amazed at how many heads you turn while wearing your topless sandals. People will literally think you are barefoot and so will your feet. is the official topless sandals store and topless sandals accessories store for items such as toe rings, foot jewelry, and anklet bracelets. Tell your family and friends about the hottest item on the Internet - the topless sandal. Our topless sandals make great stocking stuffers at low prices. Topless sandals are just plain fun and feel great on your feet. Go Topless!

And allegedly (according to an email I got today) these are available at the Ateneo Mall.


For those wondering why there is hardly anything relating to my real life here…

Sometimes real life is just too painful to write about.

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Friend ko na si Trebor-san. :)


Waaah walang food sa caf. I'm starving to death here...

Panira naman ang wi-fi. Kahit may proxy knowhow kami, mukhang may ginawa ang Pregi para di kami makaKOL sa wi-fi kahit may p.s. kami.

Dapat talaga gumawa ako ng sarili kong p.s. Pero mahal.


I've seen part of his writeup.

Damn. I've fallen in love all over again, no matter how silly it seems.

Not that I know if he's submitted it yet or anything.

No, I won't steal it (if he submitted it) just because I'm a data editor.

At least, I think I haven't sunk that low yet.


Wala talaga ako sa mood pumasok ngayon.

Naglaro lang ako ng Theme Hospital kahapon sa laptop kahapon.

Tapos natulog ako.

Gising ko, 6:00 na.



Pasok namin 9:00 pa :)

Pero nasa front lobby na ako nung 7:00 pa dahil kinukuha ko yung mga info sheet ng mga tao. >_<

At least isa nalang yung wala pa. :)

Ngayon sabi nila wala pa daw Chem ngayon.

So isa lang class namin ngayon? (Math)

Waaaahhhh.... dapat natulog nalang ako sa dorm...


I'd make a serious update but there are too many people at the front lobby that are dampening my want to write/type.

Time to do some Yearbook stuff. >_
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Kahit 07 ang sinasabing nanalo, 06 the best parin sa cheerdancing! :) Pinaguusapan nga namin nina Furqaan-san na siguro sa gym na ang prom natin dahil naubos na ng 07 ang pera nila sa cheerdancing costumes nila at yung balloons. >_< May mga moves sa cheer ng 06 na nasa presentation namin (Graviton) sa Pinoy... >_<


Wow, kilala pala ng kuya ko si Dr. Moreno. (Note: this is the brother who's Batch '96.) Amazing. My brother apparently got tutored by him in the dorm (!!!) in Physics. Rather, my brother used to barge into Dr. Moreno's room and say "Sir, paano gawin 'to?" Considering that my brother ended up becoming president of the Physics Honor Society and Top 5 of the batch, I guess Sir Moreno really is a good teacher. :)


In the end, I didn't fail anything. Yay. :) Never mind the people who kept telling me that "Apat lang ang walang bagsak sa Grav. At wala ka dun.".

Note to self: Do not believe the rumors floating around Graviton. Rather, only believe the rumors you hear from Bea-san. :) She told me I didn't fail anything and apparently I didn't.


Damn. I have to find my copy of Don Quixote. I know we had it around here somewhere...


DL dapat ako kung walang STR. Damn.


I am now officially addicted to Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis. Damn. This is as bad as when I was playing the original Ogre Battle on the Playstation. Or Star Ocean 2. Or Chrono Trigger on the SNES. Or Suikoden (the first). Or Pokemon Blue in 5th grade (haha).

This is all Wilson-san's fault. I started playing because he told me to. Damn.

At least I'm level 14 now, instead of the paltry level 5 I was last week.


CAT = evil. I had to go around checking the classes for people who had incomplete uniform/were cutting CAT/had no uniform at all/were excused (lucky people). The only good thing was that I didn't have to clean up the area. >_<

Kiel (while checking Gluon for those with incomplete uniform): "John Mar, zipper!" I really did not need to see that. Thank you.


He's still himself. He's intelligent, but clueless. That's all there is to it, and I have to take him as he is. Because everything that he is...

And even if the world turns against me, it'll still be all right, because he is there, and for me that is enough...
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"Manalo, matalo, DOTA parin!"
- from Truth people

My sentiments exactly. DOTA is love addiction. I should have played it at SM North while waiting for Wilson-san to finish playing Ragna, but none of the others wanted to play. >_< Meanies.


I have not done anything since getting home but (in no particular order) collapse on the bed, sleep, or stumble blindly to the bathroom. Wait, I went to Mass a while ago. Still. My muscles are threatening to disown me. Again. >_< And I think my foot is sprained. Damn.


I still have no idea if I have a failing grade or not. Two weeks back some people were saying that I was one of the five in Graviton that didn't have a failing mark, but others said (quite vocally and sort of snottily) that I had a failing mark. >_< Then yesterday suddenly people accost me and say "Wala kang bagsak?" I don't know what I should feel about all this.

This is why one should just visit one's friendly section adviser and ask to see her grades. Period.
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Damnnations. How dare Seiji Mizushima (director of Full Metal Alchemist, Shaman King) come to a US convention when I'm far from the country?! Why??? I should just skip out of school and go to PMX... yes, no English! :)

Damn, chamber theater pala. Damn the Iliad.


Boo-yah. Naruto movie 2 = #1 in Japanese Box Office. Even though it'll probably be fillerfull filler like the first one, and probably it'll come with yet another DVD special that revolves around Naruto needing to go to the toilet, but still! *dies* Naruto 2 + Howl's Moving Castle + Full Metal Alchemist movie = happiness.

Although I'd like passing Econ and Math very very much too. >_<


Shoot. A multi-anime fighting game with tons of characters (150) from Shounen Jump manga on the Nintendo DS? (Example: Naruto, DBZ, Death Note, Yu-Gi-Oh, Rurouni Kenshin, One Piece, etc.) I'll have to buy a DS just for this game, but it'd be totally worth it. Just being able to use Son Gokou to pwn Sasuke...

This is even better than the Naruto fighting game on the PS2... Naruto in RockLee suit = horror + amazement at N. being able to do Initial Lotus...


Today I will continue recuperating from the horrors of UPCAT, the Periodic Exams, and the event of starting and finishing an 11-page Final Proposal in less than 24 hours. Thank god there isn't English tomorrow.


I didn't see him at UPCAT. This is probably a blessing in disguise. Although my proctor was flamingly gay, so I probably needed a distraction. Not to mention College of Business Administration was not cold. And the chairs were evil. What the hell. And I think my seatmate figured out that I was from Pisay...

Bowling and Table Tennis: PE of the Barcelo people for 2nd quarter. It seems that the Teodoro people will "make binyag" the badminton courts the PE Unit made me "donate". Be careful of the stage area, they said it might collapse if too many people jump on it...

What was the point of Australian Chem again? The plus points that made absolutely no effect on my grade? The fact that I molted during my Physics test right after the freezing cold Seminar Room? The fact that I wasn't able to see him during Universal Break? Or the fact that I escaped a CAT session?

Probably the last point. Except technically I don't have to do anything at sessions but take attendance. >_<

I love Tau. Thanks for submitting almost all the pictures for CAT. Really, I love Tau. Tau the best!!!!!

Pero Gluon the best din kasi nagbigay sila ng plastic kasama ng pictures nila. :)


What kind of board game can you make from an epic that has the most pointless battle and an epic with incest, incest, and sacrifice of youngest children?!?! Nothing, I tell you, nothing! I think we are the worst off in the batch... other than the group in Gluon who has the same epics...

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