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My classmate asked me to look for a song that has osmosis (or red blood cells) as a topic so that we could play it while we discussed our experiment on red blood cells.

So I type some words in Google and I search.

Barring all the links to songs from the Osmosis Jones soundtrack, I found this disturbing song. (I'm breaking my rule of not putting complete song lyrics in normal posts because it's special. Specially disturbing.)

The cardiovascular system is infected through osmosis... )

It's erm... very biologically violent. Also aurally violent.

Obviously we did not use it because we were scared Ma'am (and our classmates) would be traumatized.


Well, Wednesday was supposed to be my first day in a PGH ward.

Now, Trebor-san had regaled me with his experiences in the ward (the blood transfusion, etc.) so I thought that I should bring gloves and a face mask (under advisement).

I get there and I end up...

Painting plastic flowers made out of dextrose bags. Perfect. Ah yes, painting them red.

*sigh* I hope next year's ward days will be better (and more related to my course). Of course I could be asked to take down the ward's Christmas decorations...


I'm not used to getting complimented on my hair.

And people always gasp and frown when I tell them what shampoo I use. And then they ask about my conditioner and they don't like what they hear either. >_<

Meep. I only use my shampoo and conditioner because:
1. It works :) and
2. My brother worked for the company that makes it at one point in time.

Different point of view: my relatives swear by the expensive horse shampoo (that's sold at Duty Free) that's erm... used on horses (and rich people). I have no idea if it's effective though. >_< My relatives don't have shiny hair, though. I wonder if it works well, though. We had a bottle of it once at home but my father decided to claim it as his own (sort of).


Oblation Run on 12/12/06.

Considering that I have classes from 8:00 am (because of ACLE) to 7:30 pm that day, I guess I'll probably be on campus when it actually happens.

Erm. I do not know what to say.


"UP Manila Scandal: The whole of Intarmed 2013 cuts class!"

No, not really. We were actually excused by our College (College of Medicine) because we had a special event later that day (Tao Rin Pala*, a yearly program showcasing the artistic talents of the Medicine students and even the PGH doctors). Unfortunately, the memo didn't reach one of our teachers.

Of course, I wouldn't be lying if I said that it's not my favorite class.

Take what you will from that statement. :)

*Thank you for correcting me, Joan :)

"Human embryos have webbed hands until _______ remove them."
-Paraphrased question from our Bio quiz

Well, the answer is the lysosome (rather, lysosomes).

It's an interesting question, actually. :) Nothing run-of-the-mill.

We also had this:
"Our hands are wrinkled after doing the laundry because of the soap solution which is a __________ solution." (paraphrased also)

Well, the soap solution is hypertonic compared to our body...

I like these questions but the other questions in the quiz were murder. >_<

So more studying in the future for me =P


Math teacher: *discuss discuss on conics and lines*
Math teacher: "You don't need to memorize them (the formulas for conics), just remember them."
Class: *varying degrees of confusion at statement*
Math teacher: *notices*
Math teacher: "What? You don't memorize your name... but you remember it. You don't memorize your boyfriend's name but you remember it."

Oo nga naman.


Was there something in the air today that made people wear red? (Well, today is a holy day of obligation but...)

Since my group in Bio Lab had to report on an experiment involving red blood cells, we all wore something red. But that doesn't explain why a lot of UP Manila people and even a lot of people in church were wearing red.

What a coincidence. Or maybe I'm reading too much into this. Besides, the other day a lot of people was wearing blue. =P


I still haven't forgotten the anguish you put me through, your misuse of our friendship, nor the horrible things that happened (that you directly and indirectly made happen) in the years we've known each other. Honestly, I'd be happy not seeing you again. I don't think that's a realistic wish, though, considering who you are and who I am.

But still, I hope you have a happy birthday. (Belated, I mean.)

And actually, this is meant for two people. Yes, you. Also you.


We can get our high school diplomas now?

Uwah, that's great :) Now if only Pisay would fork over my high school transcript too, life would be so much happier (well, a little). :)


I was supposed to place something dramatic here but the dramatic thing got eaten by the recycle bin. >_<

Ah well, I have a printed copy. :) So eventually it will get posted here, when I find the time to type it all out.


And lastly...

Vinni-san, welcome back :)

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Okay, according to my mom who talked to someone in the registrar's office, all the transcripts for the Pisay people in UP Manila were sent out Thursday morning. So it should be received by UP Manila on Monday by the latest :) So probably all the UP campuses who don't have the Pisay people's transcripts should be getting them soon. :)

I don't know why it took so long though. Haven't heard of a reason yet.


What was I doing on the day of September 11, 2001?

I remember going to school. I remember going home. I remember taking off my shoes and socks. I remember using the internet, still dressed in my green skirt and white blouse. I remember being called for dinner.

I remember watching CNN and going to sleep afterwards, trying to block it out of my head.

I remember the next day in class, we listened to the radio during Araling Panlipunan (which is SocSci, I guess). I remember that black radio, broadcasting things that spoke of sadness and destruction and everything else in between. I remember the colors diminishing that day, mixing and mixing and having a sheen of palest gray.

I remember being sad around that time. I didn't really understand all the political arguments that raged on at that time but I felt so sad because of all the lives lost and all the people shouting and everything being so...

I remember feeling numb.

I remember wanting to close my eyes to the world and its cruelties.

I remember being sad because I had seen the World Trade Center the summer before my Grade 6 year and I realized I would never see it again exactly as it once was.

I remember not wanting to go on an airplane for a long while after that.

I'm sorry, I'm blabbing, but I just watched the movie and I feel sad and sadder and it's like I'm that Grade 6 girl over again.


I'm glad to hear you guys did well selling Cello's doughnuts, Josef-san :)

And congratulations to all the University and College Scholars :)


And even though I always complain about the Harry Potter movies and all the things they changed and dropped...

I'm going to go look for that trailer on the net (for OoTP) once it comes out :)

Speaking of movies, I want to watch Happy Feet :) I've seen the movie trailer a lot and I want to know what the movie is all about :) Besides dancing penguins are always good :)


It's hard to be sad when everyone else is sad. I keep trying to think of ways of how to cheer people up, make the load on their backs a little lighter. But all my ideas are gone, blown away in the wind, only fragments of them left fluttering and falling into my hair.

I try to find the right words to say but once I'm there, all my prose disappears.

Please guys, take care, ok?

Everybody wants to be understood
Well I can hear you...
Everybody wants to be loved
Don't give up
Because you are loved (you are loved)

You are loved (you are loved)
Don't give up (don't give up)
It's just the weight of the world!! (you are loved)
Don't give up (don't give up)
Everyone needs to be heard (don't give up)
You are loved (you are loved)

- Josh Groban, You Are Loved (Don't Give Up)
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[Note: When I say I write dark things, I mean it. At least this time I didn't watch Pokemon before this. Oh wait, I did. Bah. Who said Pokemon couldn't inspire dark things?

Oh yeah. This is about 95% true. I lied about the color of her hair.

lj-cut because I didn't want to monopolize your friends page. It takes up 1/2 of mine as it is.]

Too bad I love you. Seventeen guys in our first year class and I chose you. You. )

The lyrics of the song... )


I've been hearing rumors about a certain person and his certain schools.

I hope they are definitely not true, because irony's a bitch if they are.


Yeesh. The Da Vinci Code is making my house a battlefield. My father likes it (and might believe it), my sister thinks it to be so-so, and my brother is too "unbiased" to comment as he reads it. My other brother thinks it's a good one-time read, but he's out of the country taking up a MBA at Berkeley, so he's no help.

I personally liked it as much as I did Holy Blood, Holy Grail, which isn't saying much. It did pass the time back in second year or so, though. I liked Angels and Demons more, actually. And Digital Fortress.

My father is getting hyped. I'm betting that I'll be in the theater May 19, watching the dang thing on the first day.

Jeesh. It's not like they're going to change the ending or anything.


Jhud-san and JMan-san = supermegaintelligentandbrilliantandallthoseotheradjectivesbecausethey'regeniuses. :)


Waaaaaahh kakapanood ko lang nung episode ni Charmander waaaaaah.

Talaga, nakakadepress yun. Waaaaah. Damian's such a bastard. Buti nalang matalino na rin si Charmander sa dulo. Pero kahit na. Waaaaaah.

And why, pray tell, did the dubbers call onigiri (riceballs, I guess) eclairs?????
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"Understanding myself, and vaguely knowing what kind of place I'm at
During the times when I couldn't trust in anyone,
during the times when I couldn't see my surroundings clearly,
there have been instances where I've wasted a lot of time,
and instances where I understand clearly yet still cannot do it
Taking each step with my own feet, surpassing the barriers, that is the present
"These past five years, I've never been alone."
Experiencing this everyday, I walked through five years.

Found a reason to be strong,
You are the one always in my heart, my friend
Every time you call my name, I'll be there
No matter how far, we are friends..."

-La Familia, Arashi (as written and performed by Matsumoto Jun)

Arigatou, Garasu-kun. Even if we're in different schools, take different subjects, and haven't seen each other ever since graduation how many years ago, you're still the best friend one can ever ask for in the world. :) The only problem with you is that you still don't have a livejournal, baka.
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Post La Mancha musings explanation )

It's silly, I know. I kept thinking about him all throughout this week, last week, and I'll probably end up thinking about him the next week that passes by. No matter what I do, he'll be there in my thoughts never mind whatever I'll be doing at the time, even if it's an AdProg LT.

What's more silly, people say, is that I keep on being tightlipped as to who he is.

Someone asked me a long time ago if he was "crushable". If anyone other than me had ever been attracted to him, whether it be female or male.

The truth is, I'm not sure. Surely I've heard him spoken about by girls (and boys), but none praise his looks or say he's the best guy they've known. He's just there, a shadow, a face in the crowd.

I'll be the first to tell you he's not the best guy in Pisay, or anywhere for that matter. He's not handsome, not kind, and not particularly known to be smart either. He's got a face that's best described as "funny-looking," he hangs around with questionable characters, and he's at least how many steps lower than me in a variety of subjects (yes, even Filipino, but that's because my teacher's kind).

He's not unusually unusual, as the song goes. He's not even passable. He's just there. He's just himself, the guy who aspires towards greater things no matter how silly they may be.

And I'm in love with him.

If you know he's just a normal guy, Lorraine, why don't you try to look for someone else? Someone who's handsome, who's kinder, who's smarter, or at least someone likely to return your feelings? Why be fixated on him, the unassuming him, and waste your life, the prime of your youth, on one man, who as you describe him, isn't anything special? Why, at least, don't you go back to reality, forget about him, try to breathe again?

I'm as crazy as Sancho, you see. I don't know the reason why I stay with this love, why I keep nurturing it even if it's impossible, stupid, and laughable.

I just really like him, you see.

I've been called "torpe", stupid, "pakipot", and even an unassumer just because I won't tell him the truth, that I love him.

Obviously this stems from people's ulterior motives, that if I confess to him the truth, he's free to tell the batch that he's the one I picked to fall in love with.

He's much better than that, people. He's worth a thousand of the people who think like that.

Get over yourselves.
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What I listened to while typing the next entry... )

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