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[/edit] Okay. Biglang binigyan ako ng pera ng parents ko. :) So may prize na rin ang second place person siguro. Ewan kung pati third. Pero mas magiging panalo ang prize ng first :) Sana di kainin ng FedEx ang pera ko...

[/edit 2] Since Vinni-san has effectively taken the majority of the numbers and the second placer can't win even if he answers the remaining, Vinni-san is declared the winner. :) Second placer is Josef-san, unless anyone still wants to challenge him.

Well. I think I'm sure now. I've talked to someone who's been through it all, and I've realized all the reasons why I never should have thought of becoming what I once thought I wanted to be. I've also realized everything that once was and still is. I've looked into my soul and seen what was once there to still be there, to still be a part of the person I am now.

Yes, this is my path now. I know it's there now.

Wish me luck, guys :) I think I'll need it.


Hmmm. In a day my contest has become very messy. >_< It was getting confusing as to who got which first (thank goodness for post time next to comments.). So I think I'll repost it until it's finished. (Which is up to probably end of next week or when every person's guessed, which is highly unlikely - I don't know if anyone will attempt to guess 40 hahaha.) I think I'll add some facts to some of the more obscure ones. (The original post can be found here. Check it out, Vinni-san suddenly made it very messy. :) ) Hmmm. I added 10 more people because it seems that this contest will end too fast otherwise. Also, I think as of now it's biased towards the people from Topaz and/or Adelfa. Or something. Hahahaha. Although Vinni-san (current leading person) is not from either of those sections. >_<

So here are the remaining unanswered nos:

6. You read Gossip Girl. I really admire you, and I've told you this. I'm really happy to have been your classmate in 2nd year. I believe your 3rd year elective was Eng Journ. You're better at playing the guitar compared to me. We talked about Vandread once. Raisa-san, by [profile] chnzo

The rest of the numbers and the new ones... )

So right now, Vinni-san's leading by a lot. >_< Grabe, kala ko walang makakahula ng 50 eh. :) Pati 47. Does he still do that now? Eep. I thought he stopped after first and second year...


What exactly am I going to do this summer?

I don't know either.

What if I need surgery? What if I need to defer for one year?

I guess right now all I can do is try and forget, relax, and read the next chapter of Negima. Maybe everything will fall into place soon, and I won't have to play this wondering game anymore.


Ok, wala parin ang mga picture ko sa HK trip. So I'll talk about a weird thing I noticed there.

I entered this mall there, and there was a sign and two strips of carpet (Is this correct grammar?) at the entrance. One carpet was gray, then the carpet next to it was green.

The sign said:
1. Step on the gray carpet for 2 seconds to disinfect your shoes.
2. Step on the green carpet to moisturize your shoes.
Thank you for helping us keep our mall free of germs!

I dunno. I think either something got lost in translation around Step 2. And I have no idea what's in the gray carpet that can "disinfect" your shoes. It didn't seem wet or soaked with alcogel or anything. (Maybe some alcohol of sorts?)

Of course, being a person who reads signs she sees even if they seem inane, I followed the instructions on the sign. My sister stepped right over the two strips and said "What the heck are you doing?"

I realized that so many people were staring at me and obviously ignoring the sign and I immediately went out the mall, blushing bright red.

It seemed to be an expensive mall anyway. Hahahaha.


Hey, Poobah, I don't know about this, but apparently some people are happy there's a restraining order put on Batch '06. Hahahaha your plan backfired. If that was your plan.

Gah, I don't want to second-guess these things anymore. I should just get clear-cut information from the correct sources.
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I'm back :)

I almost wasn't allowed to get out of NAIA >_< The immigration person saw my form (the one you fill up when you return to the Philippines) and asked "What's PSHS?" We told him, and then he said "Ah." He typed my name in the computer in front of him and said "Where's her clearance?" Of course we had no idea what he meant by this.

Apparently, (and Mr. Juat's email at pisay06 confirms this) there is a restraining order on all Pisay '06 people. (This means that they cannot leave the Philippines.) If they need to leave, they need clearance from Pisay (a letter). This is probably related to because of the poisoner case.

Technically, I should have been stopped from leaving for Hongkong on the 12th. :) But the lady in charge of immigration then didn't note my school, but only saw that I was going to turn 18 in Hongkong. :) Lucky.

Anyway, after around 10-15 minutes of agony at the immigration counter they let me go and claim my baggage. After all, they can't do anything since I did come back :)

So there. I'm still pretty tired from Disneyland and the plane ride, so I'll type up more later.

PS: And now, I'm legal! And I can take money out of my time deposit bank account! :)

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