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[Note: When I say I write dark things, I mean it. At least this time I didn't watch Pokemon before this. Oh wait, I did. Bah. Who said Pokemon couldn't inspire dark things?

Oh yeah. This is about 95% true. I lied about the color of her hair.

lj-cut because I didn't want to monopolize your friends page. It takes up 1/2 of mine as it is.]

Too bad I love you. Seventeen guys in our first year class and I chose you. You. )

The lyrics of the song... )


I've been hearing rumors about a certain person and his certain schools.

I hope they are definitely not true, because irony's a bitch if they are.


Yeesh. The Da Vinci Code is making my house a battlefield. My father likes it (and might believe it), my sister thinks it to be so-so, and my brother is too "unbiased" to comment as he reads it. My other brother thinks it's a good one-time read, but he's out of the country taking up a MBA at Berkeley, so he's no help.

I personally liked it as much as I did Holy Blood, Holy Grail, which isn't saying much. It did pass the time back in second year or so, though. I liked Angels and Demons more, actually. And Digital Fortress.

My father is getting hyped. I'm betting that I'll be in the theater May 19, watching the dang thing on the first day.

Jeesh. It's not like they're going to change the ending or anything.


Jhud-san and JMan-san = supermegaintelligentandbrilliantandallthoseotheradjectivesbecausethey'regeniuses. :)


Waaaaaahh kakapanood ko lang nung episode ni Charmander waaaaaah.

Talaga, nakakadepress yun. Waaaaah. Damian's such a bastard. Buti nalang matalino na rin si Charmander sa dulo. Pero kahit na. Waaaaaah.

And why, pray tell, did the dubbers call onigiri (riceballs, I guess) eclairs?????
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"Manalo, matalo, DOTA parin!"
- from Truth people

My sentiments exactly. DOTA is love addiction. I should have played it at SM North while waiting for Wilson-san to finish playing Ragna, but none of the others wanted to play. >_< Meanies.


I have not done anything since getting home but (in no particular order) collapse on the bed, sleep, or stumble blindly to the bathroom. Wait, I went to Mass a while ago. Still. My muscles are threatening to disown me. Again. >_< And I think my foot is sprained. Damn.


I still have no idea if I have a failing grade or not. Two weeks back some people were saying that I was one of the five in Graviton that didn't have a failing mark, but others said (quite vocally and sort of snottily) that I had a failing mark. >_< Then yesterday suddenly people accost me and say "Wala kang bagsak?" I don't know what I should feel about all this.

This is why one should just visit one's friendly section adviser and ask to see her grades. Period.

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