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[Grad ball, Grad ball, Grad ball.]

I stepped in the hotel 20 minutes after 7:00 pm.

Yes, I'll always be late, whether it be Physics class or STR class or Outbounds or Graduation or the Grad Ball :)

Not that it had started by then.


Ang tigas ng bread ulit >_< Tapos kinain ko na, tapos biglang...

May binigay pa ulit!!!! Na mas matigas!!!


Di ako nakapili ng pagkain... binigay lang yung pork thing agad-agad...

Tapos bumalik yung dessert of dooooommmmm!!!! Pero with strawberry sauce na!!!!

In fairness, it was easier to eat. >_<


After three years, I finally got the guts to ask a certain person something: "Picture tayo?"

And he said yes!!!!!!!!! At nakapagpicture kami!!!!

I win at life!!!

(Note that it's three years, not four years.)


Being tablemates with Tyrone-san is an interesting experience. More specifically, Tyrone-san with a videocam.

Tyrone: Okay, picture! *holds up vidcam*
People at table: *pose*
Tyrone: *records*
(after two minutes)
Self: Gaaaah! *moves around* Tyrone, you recorded two minutes of us just staring at the camera?
Tyrone: Yes. :)



The slide show was well...

I can't believe we were so young back then. I can't believe we were all so small back then. (Not that I grew a centimeter past first year, but ah well.)

To pass through all those fleeting moments in time, to sift through the sands and find those grains that show yourself as you once were...

And to remember now what you are, what you've achieved, and where you're going after...

Ah well. I really can't describe it.

It just is. :)


I'm sorry I couldn't dance with you. >_< Doctor's orders. :(

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