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My classmate asked me to look for a song that has osmosis (or red blood cells) as a topic so that we could play it while we discussed our experiment on red blood cells.

So I type some words in Google and I search.

Barring all the links to songs from the Osmosis Jones soundtrack, I found this disturbing song. (I'm breaking my rule of not putting complete song lyrics in normal posts because it's special. Specially disturbing.)

The cardiovascular system is infected through osmosis... )

It's erm... very biologically violent. Also aurally violent.

Obviously we did not use it because we were scared Ma'am (and our classmates) would be traumatized.


Well, Wednesday was supposed to be my first day in a PGH ward.

Now, Trebor-san had regaled me with his experiences in the ward (the blood transfusion, etc.) so I thought that I should bring gloves and a face mask (under advisement).

I get there and I end up...

Painting plastic flowers made out of dextrose bags. Perfect. Ah yes, painting them red.

*sigh* I hope next year's ward days will be better (and more related to my course). Of course I could be asked to take down the ward's Christmas decorations...


I'm not used to getting complimented on my hair.

And people always gasp and frown when I tell them what shampoo I use. And then they ask about my conditioner and they don't like what they hear either. >_<

Meep. I only use my shampoo and conditioner because:
1. It works :) and
2. My brother worked for the company that makes it at one point in time.

Different point of view: my relatives swear by the expensive horse shampoo (that's sold at Duty Free) that's erm... used on horses (and rich people). I have no idea if it's effective though. >_< My relatives don't have shiny hair, though. I wonder if it works well, though. We had a bottle of it once at home but my father decided to claim it as his own (sort of).


Oblation Run on 12/12/06.

Considering that I have classes from 8:00 am (because of ACLE) to 7:30 pm that day, I guess I'll probably be on campus when it actually happens.

Erm. I do not know what to say.


"UP Manila Scandal: The whole of Intarmed 2013 cuts class!"

No, not really. We were actually excused by our College (College of Medicine) because we had a special event later that day (Tao Rin Pala*, a yearly program showcasing the artistic talents of the Medicine students and even the PGH doctors). Unfortunately, the memo didn't reach one of our teachers.

Of course, I wouldn't be lying if I said that it's not my favorite class.

Take what you will from that statement. :)

*Thank you for correcting me, Joan :)

"Human embryos have webbed hands until _______ remove them."
-Paraphrased question from our Bio quiz

Well, the answer is the lysosome (rather, lysosomes).

It's an interesting question, actually. :) Nothing run-of-the-mill.

We also had this:
"Our hands are wrinkled after doing the laundry because of the soap solution which is a __________ solution." (paraphrased also)

Well, the soap solution is hypertonic compared to our body...

I like these questions but the other questions in the quiz were murder. >_<

So more studying in the future for me =P


Math teacher: *discuss discuss on conics and lines*
Math teacher: "You don't need to memorize them (the formulas for conics), just remember them."
Class: *varying degrees of confusion at statement*
Math teacher: *notices*
Math teacher: "What? You don't memorize your name... but you remember it. You don't memorize your boyfriend's name but you remember it."

Oo nga naman.


Was there something in the air today that made people wear red? (Well, today is a holy day of obligation but...)

Since my group in Bio Lab had to report on an experiment involving red blood cells, we all wore something red. But that doesn't explain why a lot of UP Manila people and even a lot of people in church were wearing red.

What a coincidence. Or maybe I'm reading too much into this. Besides, the other day a lot of people was wearing blue. =P


I still haven't forgotten the anguish you put me through, your misuse of our friendship, nor the horrible things that happened (that you directly and indirectly made happen) in the years we've known each other. Honestly, I'd be happy not seeing you again. I don't think that's a realistic wish, though, considering who you are and who I am.

But still, I hope you have a happy birthday. (Belated, I mean.)

And actually, this is meant for two people. Yes, you. Also you.


We can get our high school diplomas now?

Uwah, that's great :) Now if only Pisay would fork over my high school transcript too, life would be so much happier (well, a little). :)


I was supposed to place something dramatic here but the dramatic thing got eaten by the recycle bin. >_<

Ah well, I have a printed copy. :) So eventually it will get posted here, when I find the time to type it all out.


And lastly...

Vinni-san, welcome back :)

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It's been more than a week and I come back to find my lj world turned upside down. So many quizzes/memes (like that Tarot Cart quiz which was uber-popular), so many outpourings from peoples' minds to read, to absorb, to try to understand. Sometimes I come away from an entry nodding my head, it's like someone stole the words right out of my head. Other times I end up shaking my head, lost at the prose my friend has written. Have I really been away so long? I don't think so. Maybe the world, this world with all my lj friends is moving too fast, and how can a simple child like me understand it using the middle as the start and the beginning as the end? It's not natural.

It's like I'm trapped in a time warp, thinking and dreaming and thinking and dreaming the same thoughts and the same dreams over and over again, and my lj friends' entries are the only things that prove to me that this time warp exists only for me.

It's been a hard week. Hard is actually too vague even for my tastes. It was exhausting, draining, and all my resources (financial, mental, physical, humoral, emotional, and otherwise) are gone, depleted, flushed down the toilet bowl. And with all these that happen, everything is magnified and made so much worse in the dreams that visit me while my head rests on my faithful cotton-covered pillow. Vivid images come in the night, sweet and gruesome come together in the Sandman's visit and I wake up disoriented, my heart pounding, my breathing forced. And these images stay embedded on my eyelids for all of the new day, and whether I'm closing my eyes in tiredness in Chem lab or blinking in dismay in Kom III I see them, just an eyelid away.

And I am undone again, again and again and again.

While my chosen overloaded life full of stairs and blue books is very stressful, it's never stopped me from posting before. Even now I could have typed something earlier but...

It's hard to just sit down and type, type, type. I feel like someone's looking over my shoulder as I press my fingers on the keyboard keys in a seemingly random manner, and I keep looking over my right shoulder to see if anyone's staring at me from my bed. I'm normally not a paranoid person, but...

Right now, I am one.


I missed some memes. Bah. Let's place them here and I dunno, keep them presented here forever for posterity. Donk.

The Tarot Card thing. )

Hmmm, interesting. And I've always liked this card :)

Not to mention that no one else's gotten this result yet :)

ganked from most everyone on my friendslist :)

01. Pick your birth month.
02. Strike out anything that doesn't apply to you.
03. Bold the five-ten that best apply to you.
04. Copy to your own journal, with all twelve months under an LJ-cut

APRIL: Active and dynamic. Decisive and hasty but tends to regret. Attractive and affectionate to oneself. Strong mentality. Loves attention. Diplomatic. Consoling, friendly and solves people's problems. Brave and fearless. Adventurous. Loving and caring. Suave and generous. Emotional. Aggressive. Hasty. Good memory. Moving. Motivates oneself and others. Sickness usually of the head and chest. (At sa marami pang parte ng katawan.) Sexy in a way that only their lover can see.

The other months. )

Puro strikethrough ata 'to ah. >_< Mas malapit pa nga yung sa mga ibang month eh. :(

Wala pa atang gumagawa ng April eh :)


Let me just say what many people have said already:

Vitriol is a poison.

It's a very bad poison that disfigured Two Face (of DC comics). "Vitriol" throwing is very common in certain detective/mystery novels of a certain era.

No matter what form it is, I don't like it. It is commonly known now as sulfuric acid.

And to end my little educational lesson, I shall share this rhyme from the US:
Little Johnny took a drink, but he shall drink no more.
For what he thought was H2O was H2SO4.

(Mostly taken from here.)


It's funny. UP is known for freedom and all that, especially regarding what it teaches its students. (I refer to you PanPil people who had to bring porn to class especially, our Kom I class which had many "descriptive passages", and my Humanidades 1 class which makes us very familiar with gay/lesbian lit.)

Let me share the funniest bit of censorship Intarmed 2013 (and some non-block people) encountered yesterday.

We had to watch Pocahontas 2 for SocSci 1 yesterday. Our teacher didn't show up, but we still watched the movie. (And I have no idea why we watched Pocahontas 2 first instead of Pocahontas 1. Maybe the first one is more important. Anyway we'll watch the first next Tuesday.)

I will reveal the ending of Pocahontas 2. Gasp. And the censorship. Don't read if you don't want to be spoiled. )


Belated happy birthday Jman-san :)


I said earlier that my life seems to be trapped in a time warp.

Apparently my phone came along for the ride. >_<


(Thank you Wikipedia for the pictures.)

Okay, this is for someone who asked me:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
This is Igglybuff, the preevolution of Jigglypuff.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
This is Cleffa, the preevolution of Clefairy.

Both are pink baby pokemon. Both are normal type.

And they're both cute, I think :)


Do you guys remember the pass the message part of the Pisay 4th year retreat?

We did something like that for Kom III. First, the class was divided into three groups. There was a story (yes, a story, not just a statement) given to two people of each group. Since the story was in English, they would have to translate it and one of them would give the pertinent details (translated) to the next person in the group. And that person would pass it on and so on until it reaches the last person in the group. The last person would tell the story to the class.

For posterity's sake, I shall place the pertinent details of the story: (Please correct me if I missed something/typed something wrong.) // (Thanks Joan-san :))
"Marahil na alam ninyo ang tungkol sa kultong Dakobor. Itong kulto ay galing sa Russia ngunit pumunta itong Kanlurang Canada sa katapusan ng 17th siglo. Itong kulto ay kontrobersyal sapagkat sa tagsibol ay hinuhubad nila ang kanilang mga

Isang maaaliwalas na araw ng tagsibol, may isang batang pumuntang palengke na hubad. Nakita ng isang pulis ang batang iyon at gusto niya itong hulihin. Hinabol ng pulis ang bata ngunit hindi niya ito maabutan. Naisipan ng pulis na tanggalin ang kanyang dyaket (at t-shirt) ngunit nung ginawa niya ito ay hindi niya pa rin mahuli yung bata. Naisipan naman niya tanggalin ang kanyang sapatos ngunit wala rin itong napala. Tinanggal rin niya ang kanyang pantalon ngunit hindi pa rin niya nahuli ang bata kaya tinanggal na niya rin ang iba pa niyang panamit. Nahuli niya rin ang bata pagkatapos ngunit lahat ng manonood ay hindi alam kung sino yung pulis at sino yung bata."

Yes, I know the story is weird. I guess the policeman (or policewoman) must be inordinately small or the child must be inordinately tall for this to happen. Or something.

Now this is a very complicated story but passing it became horror because my groupmate accidentally changed the cult's name (Dakobor) to Baccara/Bakara/Bacarra. Donk.

Still, it was fun. Baccara. Gah. That name (and Dakobor) will forever be embedded in my mind.


I've been asking this of a lot of Intarmed students since we got the assignment to search for the lyrics of Colors of the Wind (from Pocahontas).

What the heck is a "blue corn moon?" Is it a blue moon made of corn? Or is it a blue moon that comes during the corn's harvest time?

Or is my trying to find logic (and astronomical continuity) in a children's song futile? XP


Pauline-san, was the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade cool? I heard they had a new Pikachu balloon :)


I'd like to type more but I think this is long enough for now.

I just hope that with the two days of rest that follow, I can visit dreamland without you, you with that mocking face of yours, walking beside me.
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In NSTP yesterday we were taught many things about infectious diseases.

Signs of a bird with avian flu:
Crown is purple.
Weak in general.
Nasal and beak discharge.

Also, a confirmation of leptospirosis. (Which is the disease you get from exposure to rat urine, which can be fatal if not treated.)

Also, we debunked the idea that looking into the eyes of a person with sore eyes will be equal to getting sore eyes.

We learned about the Father of Handwashing and the ancestor of Alcogel, chlorinated lime solution!

But best of all, we learned how to wash our hands properly! :) There are six simple steps to washing one's hand properly.

The six steps! )

These steps are important since we apparently miss a lot of areas using our normal ways of washing hands.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Very scary. Yet at least we have found out.

Also, we were given freebies :) Some of us won special purple hand sanitizer (Ahem, Joan Joanne.). Everyone got a free bar of antibacterial soap. :) And we all got this nifty pin :)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Busted! )


It's been two weeks or so since I first got it, and now I don't know how I lived without it for so long. :)

I love white yellow pad!!! :) (aka Business Pad) Now I can use correction tape on yellow pad without being very very obvious :) :) As I loved yellow pad before (and wrote the infamous stories on it) now I will love and love and love my white yellow pad (and probably write more infamous stuff on it) :) :)

I should stock up on it now :) Sa Katipunan palang ako nakakita eh. :(


The dangers of having synesthesia, PE style. Also, the colors I see when I hear the song 'Sex Bomb'. Haha. )


Whatever the hell that thing was at the bottom of my last entry. )


Okay, Math question. (Since we just had our departmental exam on Tuesday.)

For any real number, k, w, x, and y, the statement w varies jointly as x and y means w = kxy. True or false?


Speaking of which, I wonder if we'll ever have a departmental exam in Math that starts on time. Twice, there has been delays. (We start at past 6:00 -at least- when we should have started at 5:30 pm.) The first was because of possible brownouts, seating arrangements, etc. while the second was due to room problems. We were told to go to our normal room, then we were told to move to this other room. We wait a long time for our teacher to appear. Then we were made to go away by the Behavioral Science teacher since it was their room, after all. Then we go to our original room, which is locked. >_< Then we go to the next room which is small, cramped, and has no aircon. So there is a shortage of armchairs, so people have to get them also.

Of course our teacher lamented the uselessness of his prepared seat plan instead of soothing our ruffled/smashed emotions. Interestingly enough, he still hasn't gotten the memo that David is in New Zealand and isn't going to claim his slot in Intarmed anytime soon. (Even though David-san has not attended any Math class ever.) >_< Donk.

It's unfair. The other classes were allowed to use calculators. We were the only ones not allowed to use them. Stupid biased piyok man teacher. (What a description.) I know we may be erm, considered highly intelligent, but it's unfair to deny us something granted to all the other Math 17 classes in UP Manila! *is bitter*


Philo class musings... )


Belated Happy Birthday Clar-san!!! :)


Hey, is everyone going to the Alumni Homecoming on September 2? I want to go! :) I hope I can go. O.o

Maybe I should start another contest (and give the prize out then, if the winner isn't out of the country - of course if you're from Intarmed, I can give it directly. If you're neither, I'll figure out a way. Haha.). LBC hates me. (Sorry Josef-san!!! I'll try again this weekend!) Would anyone join, though? Haha.


Obviously I am procrastinating from finishing homework for my very unit-heavy yet brain-numbing-in-more-ways-than-one subject.

I have a new theory about why Mr. Teacher's always late and sweaty, though.


If I ever say goodbye, let's hope I'm strong enough to not falter and run back and say 'Hello again.'
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As today is supposedly Livejournal Fake Day (or at least what's left of it, anyway) I shall make up a lie.

(And no, that's not the lie. But am I lying now? Brain sprain, darlings.) Let me call on the literal meaning of my username and say this: What if? (I repeat, this is just speculation. There are many lies in this work because of the nature of the date.)

And obviously, this is somewhat based on what happened here, here, and here. (Except those are 95%-100% true.)

Let the lies begin, and there we go. )

The truths and the lies in the story, enumerated to make it simple. )

Ahh. Now that that's out of my system, I need to go sleep. Or not.

(I think I suck at this lying thing, because there's still a lot of truth in it - at least the gut emotion in there, not to mention all those little insecurities that burn at you late in the night and make you wish for a sledgehammer. At least it was an attempt at lying. Think of this as writing practice, Raine.)


[This is written past 12:00 am, so no more lies. I'm just a lazy person when it comes to changing the time and date of my entries.]

Today, rather, yesterday was interesting. I have discovered that I like Cherry Marble from BTIC. :) And there's a promo, 2 scoops in a waffle cone for 60 pesos. (Pimp.)

Gbox is fun. :) Joan, Dingdong, CJ, Nil, and I played games there and racked up 235 tickets. We claimed 210 for a Sakura keychain. :) It's funny that the kiddie-ish version of basketball shooting gave out more tickets than the hardcore one. >_<

It is suspicious that one of my classmates ate at Sbarro's for lunch. Alone. At Sbarro's. And when he showed up for NatSci, he was wearing a pink shirt as opposed to his earlier white shirt (seen worn at Sbarro's).

Actually, something juicy happened but it is not my place to tell it. Let me just say it involves a wild-goose chase, a Neji keychain, a small pouch bag, and three tired people, one of which is me.

Actually, I'm just too tired now. >_< I'll talk about it on Sunday or later or something.

Telling lies is harder than I thought. Spinning them so that they seem a bit believable is harder. >_< I hope this doesn't happen again next year. (I'll just ignore whatever [profile] frankthecomic says.)


My KOM teacher wanted us to find GROs for his subject (and for whom, maybe?).

Good job, teach. O.o


There is this guy who claims to do scientific palm readings near the Supreme Court. He's sort of like an institution at UP Manila, supposedly.

Normally, when I pass by his erm, sidewalk space, he doesn't have a customer. This Monday and Tuesday his business was brisk (everytime I walked by, he had a customer - I pass his sidewalk space going to GAB, going to get lunch, going for afternoon classes, going home). On Thursday and Friday, he was gone all day. (He did leave his sign and chair though.)

Exactly how do you read a palm scientifically??? (Well, I've read that someone with soft palms is probably a lazy person - like me, I guess, but that can't be all of it.)


On Thursday morning, when I walked to GAB there was this little stream of blood on the sidewalk. (Ok, not little. Enough to be creepy.)

On Thursday afternoon, it was still there, and drying.

On Friday morning, it was still there and almost dry.

On Friday afternoon it was pretty much completely dry (and powdery).

I don't really want to know where/whom/what it came from. I know I heard something suspicious on Wednesday night but...


I really am tired and will now retreat and watch anime now. Or sleep. Or something.
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In my last post, I listed several quotes from my previous lj entries. There was so much angst and happiness and anger and even confusion in one year of typing. It's funny, because all of those quotes seemed unrelated, haphazardly collected yet they make up something inexplicable, unique, and different.

And I'm really happy, since so many people posted and said they liked my writing (in the last entry). :) Getting compliments like these is a new experience for me. :) Really, thanks. :) You all made my day a lot happier. :)

After rereading all my entries I find myself wondering about how I got to this point in time, this place in the world (Intarmed, if you must). Honestly, if you asked me what I wanted to be in grade 7, I would have said that I wanted to be a computer engineer. (Hahahahaha dreams of a Lorraine who didn't know of the horrors of resistors.) Before that, I wanted to be a concert pianist. When I was even younger, I harbored a dream of becoming a ballerina - but then life came by and that was rendered impossible.

It's funny. I had a story published in the Science Scholar in first year. Jean and Inzo-sama both have saved copies of my story. I even autographed my English teacher's copy after she read it. >_< Leo even read it aloud when he got his copy of the newspaper. (Bad Leo. Bad. This was also during an experiment in IS.) I became known because of this story - people from other batches and even teachers approached me and asked who he was. My gosh, even Sir Villavert read it. >_< Every year, whenever I meet my new classmates for the first time, that story will come up and everyone will say who they think he is. Apparently it was very popular.

But I don't have a copy of it. I lost the newspaper where it was printed, lost the final draft, and I have no idea where the computer file is.

Eventually my friend gave me a copy but as we all know, too many things can happen to things written on paper (burning, disintegration, get flushed down the toilet). This is why I will now enshrine it here in my lj, where hopefully no coffee stains nor paper shredders will render it unreadable.

//Warning: I am not responsible for any barfing induced by reading this. I wrote this four years ago. Gawd, I was a sap back then. A verbose sap. It's interesting to see how much my writing style has evolved yet somehow stayed the same. And yes, I am such a passive person. Thank you.

The infamous story that haunted my whole Pisay stay... (with side comments) )


I'm an overly sensitive soul who wasn't so sensitive at one point in time and is now overly so to make up for it.

At least, this is what I told my Intarmed classmate as explanation for my apology.


I heard that there is now a carabao at Pisay :) :)

That's it, I want to visit. Soon. Asap. Something.

Not to mention I want to see if it's true that the squatter population living in front of Pisay has diminished greatly since we left.


I would like to be an activist but sadly I have a Philo test at the exact same time that I am called to be one.
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Tagged by [profile] moodswings08

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.
5. Don’t you dare dig for that “cool” or “intellectual” book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.
6. Tag three people.

Okay, and I happen to have a romance novel next to me. >_< By Meg Cabot. Prepare yourselves. >_<

Victoria and the Rogue

Lord Malfrey was sent away with looks of great suspicion and mistrust, since the Gardiners did not know it was their niece, and not the earl, who'd broken off their engagement.

Only Captain Carstairs, hearing the news from a very agitated and happy Clara (who dearly loved tales of gloom and heartbreak, particularly any that involved her female relations), seemed unsurprised, and said only that he hoped Lady Victoria felt better upon the morrow, when he would return to call upon her. Then he went home whistling, to Clara's great disapproval, in spite of the rain, the solemnity of the occasion and the fact that gentlemen simply did not whistle.

I tag erm... [personal profile] oatmeal_cookie, [profile] frederick_andre, and [profile] twisted_rebel06. :)


Remember this?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Japan decided to update it a little.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Pictures of the new Powerpuff Girls Anime in Japan :) )


Finally we had our Math 17 Long Test yesterday. The power almost conked out but thankfully didn't. Test ended around 8:30 pm or something. Gah.

Anyway, that's done. Hahahahahahahaha.

Venn Diagram featuring DOTA, Freestyle and Need for Speed :)

Question: If a, b, c, ..., y, z are elements of the Real Number Set...
(x - a)(x - b)(x - c)...(x - y)(x - z)


Tomorrow, I'm sort of required to watch the UAAP game of UP vs. Ateneo for Kom 1. (It was bonus points at first but suddenly we all have to write a reflective essay on it.)

Ah well. It'll be my first time watching a UAAP game wherein I don't have a relative playing for any school...
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I'm not sure, but I guess it's not good to marry third cousins, right? >_< Not to mention third cousins four years older than you. :)


I think I just signed away seven years of my life.

Let me accept it now, because I'm still unsure if I did the right thing.


Today we had this get-together for relatives (which is where I met my aforementioned third cousin).

My sister was thought to be 14 years old. She's 22 now.

I don't want to think of what my age would be to them. >_<

And some people think we're twins too. >_< She's four years older than me, man. C'mon. Not to mention I've got straight hair and she has wavy hair. And she's much prettier too. :( I think I'm taller by a little though.

Waaah. I apparently look like someone who hasn't gone through Confirmation yet - so I don't even look 12. Boooo.

Sheesh. How long will it be until I actually look old enough to get in an R-18 movie?

Probably a long time, since I'm still not allowed to enter R-13 movies apparently, thanks to the theater guards.


Will you take me away?



Aha! I have somehow acquired the infamous Pokemon episode which gave lots of Japanese children seizures. >_< Now I'm scared of watching it. Donk.

Oh yeah, the first Japanese theme song of Pokemon may actually be worse than the English one. (Yes, it's possible.)


Ne, just a question for you readers:

Do you really think I'm in love? Rather, do you really think that I love him?

References would be here, here, here, here, and here. Or probably all my entries tagged "love".


Your EQ is

50 or less: Thanks for answering honestly. Now get yourself a shrink, quick!
51-70: When it comes to understanding human emotions, you'd have better luck understanding Chinese.
71-90: You've got more emotional intelligence than the average frat boy. Barely.
91-110: You're average. It's easy to predict how you'll react to things. But anyone could have guessed that.
111-130: You usually have it going on emotionally, but roadblocks tend to land you on your butt.
131-150: You are remarkable when it comes to relating with others. Only the biggest losers get under your skin.
150+: Two possibilities - you've either out "Dr. Phil-ed" Dr. Phil... or you're a dirty liar.

I resent the Chinese remark. I understand some Chinese, as long as it's not of the Cantonese variant (Fookien and Mandarin I'm ok with). Although the remark is not applicable to me, I guess. Still.
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Damnnations. How dare Seiji Mizushima (director of Full Metal Alchemist, Shaman King) come to a US convention when I'm far from the country?! Why??? I should just skip out of school and go to PMX... yes, no English! :)

Damn, chamber theater pala. Damn the Iliad.


Boo-yah. Naruto movie 2 = #1 in Japanese Box Office. Even though it'll probably be fillerfull filler like the first one, and probably it'll come with yet another DVD special that revolves around Naruto needing to go to the toilet, but still! *dies* Naruto 2 + Howl's Moving Castle + Full Metal Alchemist movie = happiness.

Although I'd like passing Econ and Math very very much too. >_<


Shoot. A multi-anime fighting game with tons of characters (150) from Shounen Jump manga on the Nintendo DS? (Example: Naruto, DBZ, Death Note, Yu-Gi-Oh, Rurouni Kenshin, One Piece, etc.) I'll have to buy a DS just for this game, but it'd be totally worth it. Just being able to use Son Gokou to pwn Sasuke...

This is even better than the Naruto fighting game on the PS2... Naruto in RockLee suit = horror + amazement at N. being able to do Initial Lotus...


Today I will continue recuperating from the horrors of UPCAT, the Periodic Exams, and the event of starting and finishing an 11-page Final Proposal in less than 24 hours. Thank god there isn't English tomorrow.


I didn't see him at UPCAT. This is probably a blessing in disguise. Although my proctor was flamingly gay, so I probably needed a distraction. Not to mention College of Business Administration was not cold. And the chairs were evil. What the hell. And I think my seatmate figured out that I was from Pisay...

Bowling and Table Tennis: PE of the Barcelo people for 2nd quarter. It seems that the Teodoro people will "make binyag" the badminton courts the PE Unit made me "donate". Be careful of the stage area, they said it might collapse if too many people jump on it...

What was the point of Australian Chem again? The plus points that made absolutely no effect on my grade? The fact that I molted during my Physics test right after the freezing cold Seminar Room? The fact that I wasn't able to see him during Universal Break? Or the fact that I escaped a CAT session?

Probably the last point. Except technically I don't have to do anything at sessions but take attendance. >_<

I love Tau. Thanks for submitting almost all the pictures for CAT. Really, I love Tau. Tau the best!!!!!

Pero Gluon the best din kasi nagbigay sila ng plastic kasama ng pictures nila. :)


What kind of board game can you make from an epic that has the most pointless battle and an epic with incest, incest, and sacrifice of youngest children?!?! Nothing, I tell you, nothing! I think we are the worst off in the batch... other than the group in Gluon who has the same epics...

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