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[This post which is total crack is dedicated to Miggy and Trebor, who were the first to talk to me about my last post.

The title (but not the inspiration for this kind of post) comes from one of my favorite fanfiction. (Is there a plural form of fanfiction? Fanfictions doesn't sound right.)]

1. Dear world, giving frog muscles (the gastrocnemius in particular, attached to the Achilles tendon of frogs) nicknames is wrong. Thankee.

(Gastro? Gastry? Gastro boy? Astro Boy theme song plays in my head.)

2. Had a great time yesterday, hope we can do it next time with better booze of course.

3. Thankfully didn't have to swim to Roxas Boulevard today. And back. And some rounds of backstrokes to my SocSci classroom too. And back. And freestyle to my IPC classroom too. And butterfly rounds to home and beyond.

4. Biceps brachii. Origin: glenoid fossa. Insertion: radius. Action: flexor of the forearm.

Brachialis. Origin: lateral surface of the humerus. Insertion: ulna. Action: with the biceps.

Extensor carpi ulnaris. Origin: lateral surface of humerus above the lateral epicondyle and semilunar notch of the ulna. Insertion: proximal end of fifth metacarpal. Action: extends fifth digit and ulnar side of wrist.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

5. This is called running away. There, I said it. I'm running away. Cowardly, you'd say, just as I always am.

Don't care, just don't want you to catch me. Not even taking a chance.


5.5. It's like the worst case of obliviousness: people who you didn't think about think you think the worst of them and people you do think about think nothing of what you do think of them (or think you think they're the salt of the earth). Cheers.

6. I am traumatized by the idea of the Nancy Drew movie. Okay? Thankee.

7. Okay, you're lovely and charming and I don't really like you and I wish you weren't so dashing and lalalala.

The sad thing about that last sentence is that I wrote it while completely 100% sober.

8. Ratatouile = good, made my mother laugh even though it presented an idea that went against every fiber of her motherly food-providing being. Idea being allowing rats in the kitchen and touching people food.

8.5. Copout.

9. For those who watched the Simpsons Movie already, what happened to Pig in the end? Did he... err... become lechon?

10. Perhaps the beer tasted worse because it was slightly mixed with iced tea.

10.5. Ahh, the sounds of traffic and cars stuck in it. Bah.

11. Tests, tests, tests, tests. Do. Not. Want.

12. How far can you go when you're being loopy?

12.25. Oww. I think I tore an aponeurosis (tendon). Or something. Err, how do you know if you've torn one?

12.5. I demand a recount. Or something. (For what?)

12.75. Okay, I am not used to seeing JF doing seductive poses. Thank you.

13. I am capable of writing more sensible sentences (I think) but it seems rather silly to be sensible with a glass door being the only reason why a storm hasn't completely ravaged my domicile.

14. Loopy. Loopy.

14.5. Copout copout copout.

15. McDonald's Twister fries are yummy but expensive and they seem to be giving less fries per serving with every "comeback." :(

16. I bet you wouldn't believe me, but formalin + glycerin (what we use to preserve cat) = the new pepper spray. New thing to attack evil men with. (Previous items used: pepper spray, a really really large triangle ruler from my brother's ES days, a heavy handbag with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire inside, boots with heels, fists.)

Wish I had brought some (Formarin? Glyceline? Forcerin? Glymalin? ForGly? LinRin?) on my trip to UP Diliman, but that's another story for another time. Stupid men hasslers.

16.5. No school! Whee :)

17. 'Allo, I think I broke my cat's Calcaneus. Or Cuboid. Or Scaphoid. Or something completely different like its Malar.

18. Once upon a time you told me you liked rain and I flushed and thankfully you didn't notice. Silly girl, silly name, silly kind of precipitation being close to my name.

18.5. Do people send their pet frogs to veterinarians or just let them snuff it? Err, I'd want frogs to be saved like cats and dogs are, but it must be really hard to diagnose frogs and even operate on them, they're so small.

19. This post was brought to you by the letter Y and the storm Chedeng Intarmed's Lorraine, who is currently in a semi-perpetual state of WTF (brought about by many things including a cheerfully marauding dead cat's horny claws who keeps ripping her gloves, lack of sustenance and blood, and rain). Oh, and toss in a bit of frog muscle and cat fascia too, and she'll be done to a turn. Cheers, and next time I'll actually hopefully do those things I promised. Ten points to whoever realizes why there are nineteen things in this post. :)

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