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I haven't posted in a week. >_< I've sunk to new lows. Still now, I'm not finished with a lot of things I need to do. Ah well. I've been thinking too much again. I wish that I could turn off my brain sometimes. But with my luck, I'd probably just forget to turn it on again. >_<

Note: Different people were involved in all parts of the story. Well, actually the people in the first two parts are the same, but they are different distinct people compared to those in the third and fourth part.

Intro: This is a true story, yet some details are omitted or made unclear for the safety of certain people, most of all me. :) This story is more understandable if you've actually been reading my lj for at least eight months (basically, while I was in Pisay). (Haha, that's long.) Still, I tried to make it reference-free for those who aren't used to my writing style yet.

And you know, I'm still not done with you, Homecoming. There's still another story to write, which will probably appear after my 3rd Departmental Exam in Math on Thursday. :)

An Alumni Homecoming Story in Four Parts )

Note (added September 12, 2006): Obviously the person referred to in Parts 1 and 2 is not the same as the person referred to in Parts 3 and 4. Or if they are, I think I may have written a mistake in somewhere. *donk* I believe the person's identity in Parts 3 and 4 is obvious due to a number of key statements. However, it's the person's identity in Parts 1 and 2 that's the same as number 51 in my second contest :)


I'm glad I saw Jhud-san and Jar-san at Homecoming :) Although I was shocked by their physical appearance at first. Arvin-san also looks different. Ok, a lot of guys basically got hairier. >_< (As compared to Intarmed males who visit the barber at least once a month?) Still nice to see known people other than those in Intarmed again that are in my age range. :)

I'm glad I got to see a lot of people, although most of them were Lithium. (This was inevitable because apparently they were all attracted - by some sort of chemical/magnetic bond- to the Lithium Intarmed people.) I'm glad I got to see my anime-loving buddies too :)

Hmmm. I got accused of having footbinding done on my feet a lot that night (the lily feet). O.o I know I'm Chinese, but we're not that traditional... And I think my feet are normal sized (if not large)?... 7 and 1/2 to 7 to 6 and 1/2 (for kids)... of course if I chop my toes off like they did in China back then I'd probably lose the 1/2...

Actually, my feet look small compared to my brothers'. One has a 10 shoe size while the other has a 12 shoe size. >_<

I think the shoes I was wearing during homecoming just did a good job of shrinking my feet, that's all. :)


Contest :) Clue added to no. 20 :) )

Right now, Vinni-san's still leading :)


I fell up the stairs last Friday :( (And no, that's not a mistake. I really did fall "up" the stairs as opposed to "down". I fell on a higher step from whence I came. Only happens to me.) I now have a very unattractive bruise on my left leg, and it's all for nothing since we didn't succeed. >_<

Why oh why must we not succeed in walking out of Kom??? (Success Rate: 1 in 3 attempts. And we only got the one because we hid in the secret RH area for around 10 minutes.)


Please get well soon, my almost name-twin... (or is it name almost-twin? >_<)


I finished collecting the Pokemon Advanced Generation Happy Meal Set :) (Note: This is the one created for the release of Movie 8.)

I remember the old days in grade school when I tried to complete old sets... like the 101 Dalmatian set that I did not complete even after it was repeated (because of the live-action film) and the Snoopy set (with 28 different countries) that I did finish... and the old Hot Wheels cars and the little Barbie dolls...

I wonder how many Happy Meals I've bought in this lifetime so far... and how many I'll buy in my lifetime, whether it be for myself or for future spawn (LOL)...
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This is late by two days, but ah well. I'll still do it. Not that I think he reads my blog or anything, but hey.

From the first contest:

"You know me better than I know myself. I think you already know who the person I love is, but you're waiting for me to be able to admit it to myself before you bring it up. Your third year section was Potassium. We don't agree on the anime we like to watch, but you have good taste in anime songs. I was mad at you for a while in first year because of a certain person we were both classmates with. We play the same musical instrument."

And the second contest:

"I want to see the carabao, the carabao, the carabao! :)"

Well, you've just turned seventeen and I'm happy you seem happy where you are. I wish we had become classmates, but well, our paths may diverge but we'll always be friends wherever your intelligence brings you.

Happy 17th Birthday Inzo-sama :) Thanks for the thing with the carrots at the prom. And I still want to see the carabao you won, even though it's in a glass case. :( I wanted to ride on it =P


Vinni-san, I saw your ad in the Philippine Star :)


I don't like what the Justice Secretary said.

Honestly, what he said is uncouth and generalist, bordering on silly and petulant. Makes me think he's bitter about something. (Maybe he failed the exam, lol.)

Funny he should say that, though, since UP Manila is very very near the Department of Justice. (I walk past it everyday on the way to one of my buildings.)

Not that I'm hearing any major uprisings, but maybe the PolSci people here (I think there are some, anyway) will do something.


The contest with new questions and more bonus point opportunities :) )

And right now, Vinni-san's leading :)

Note: Please don't comment here, use the next post. :)
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I'm wondering how brave I am concerning this blog of mine.

Am I fearless enough to keep it public even as I encounter people and events that make me get closer to the true me, the me that I don't want anyone to know, or am I going to be a coward and hide it all, maybe even abort the blog itself?

I'm starting to wonder why I'm alive, why I blog, and why people read my blog. For kicks? For a laugh? Or maybe they're worried about me. Maybe they like the writing style. Or the picture posts. Or maybe that's all a delusion.

I started this blog as a jumping board, a draft of my fictionalized life works. Now, it's become so much more than that, yet essentially it still is that.

The questions are: am I willing to share what I am now with those I have left behind more than four years ago and what I once was with those I'm just meeting now?

I don't think he reads this, though, if you ask. If he does (or did), he's never told me. And honestly, please don't ask him, because I don't think I'm prepared to know whatever the answer is.

And guys? Thanks. Thanks a lot. Thanks for everything :)


The contest :) )

I am seriously thinking of adding 10 more people because of the scores so far. If my prediction is right, it might end in a tie. >_<

While I think about it (and any suggestions are appreciated), I've added opportunities for earning bonus points to some of the unanswered questions.

Note: (August 29, 2006) I'll repost this tomorrow, since it's getting messy. Please do not comment here anymore when that is posted. I'll freeze/screen comments tomorrow in this post, so when that happens, please comment on the new post. :)

Note: (August 30, 2006) Please post your answers here. :)
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Homily heard yesterday:

Father: Let's say you are all blindfolded. I have a pail here in front of me. How will you know if there is water inside the pail?

Being a crazy person who likes to complicate things, I was thinking something around the lines of boiling point or index of refraction - which I probably cannot do being blindfolded anyway. >_<

So he said there were three ways to find out.

1. Put your hand in the pail. If you feel hard plastic, then the pail is empty. If you feel liquid, the pail has water. (Yes, the possibility that another liquid is in the pail is discarded.) This is called knowledge.

2. Toss a coin in the pail. If you hear a loud sound, then the pail is empty. If you hear a splash, the pail has water. This is called reasoning.

3. Ask someone to look in the pail. They will then tell you if it is water they see in the pail. This requires that you trust that the person will not lie to you, unlike the other two methods. This is called trust.

He then went on to say that 80% of what we know is based on trust. Books are written by people, but we trust that the books contain correct information. Teachers do the same thing, in a way.

So even if you say you don't trust someone, in the end you probably do.


The contest results... )

And that's it :) Vinni-san and Josef-san get prizes since they're first and second place. Third place is a tie, so I won't give a prize anymore, gomen.

Thanks for answering :)


Your Power Level is: 87%

You have all the tools you need to be a success - both professionally and personally.
You'll probably go beyond reaching your goals. You'll change the world (at least a little).


Lots of Diglett = cute. Love that episode to bits. :)
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[/edit] Okay. Biglang binigyan ako ng pera ng parents ko. :) So may prize na rin ang second place person siguro. Ewan kung pati third. Pero mas magiging panalo ang prize ng first :) Sana di kainin ng FedEx ang pera ko...

[/edit 2] Since Vinni-san has effectively taken the majority of the numbers and the second placer can't win even if he answers the remaining, Vinni-san is declared the winner. :) Second placer is Josef-san, unless anyone still wants to challenge him.

Well. I think I'm sure now. I've talked to someone who's been through it all, and I've realized all the reasons why I never should have thought of becoming what I once thought I wanted to be. I've also realized everything that once was and still is. I've looked into my soul and seen what was once there to still be there, to still be a part of the person I am now.

Yes, this is my path now. I know it's there now.

Wish me luck, guys :) I think I'll need it.


Hmmm. In a day my contest has become very messy. >_< It was getting confusing as to who got which first (thank goodness for post time next to comments.). So I think I'll repost it until it's finished. (Which is up to probably end of next week or when every person's guessed, which is highly unlikely - I don't know if anyone will attempt to guess 40 hahaha.) I think I'll add some facts to some of the more obscure ones. (The original post can be found here. Check it out, Vinni-san suddenly made it very messy. :) ) Hmmm. I added 10 more people because it seems that this contest will end too fast otherwise. Also, I think as of now it's biased towards the people from Topaz and/or Adelfa. Or something. Hahahaha. Although Vinni-san (current leading person) is not from either of those sections. >_<

So here are the remaining unanswered nos:

6. You read Gossip Girl. I really admire you, and I've told you this. I'm really happy to have been your classmate in 2nd year. I believe your 3rd year elective was Eng Journ. You're better at playing the guitar compared to me. We talked about Vandread once. Raisa-san, by [profile] chnzo

The rest of the numbers and the new ones... )

So right now, Vinni-san's leading by a lot. >_< Grabe, kala ko walang makakahula ng 50 eh. :) Pati 47. Does he still do that now? Eep. I thought he stopped after first and second year...


What exactly am I going to do this summer?

I don't know either.

What if I need surgery? What if I need to defer for one year?

I guess right now all I can do is try and forget, relax, and read the next chapter of Negima. Maybe everything will fall into place soon, and I won't have to play this wondering game anymore.


Ok, wala parin ang mga picture ko sa HK trip. So I'll talk about a weird thing I noticed there.

I entered this mall there, and there was a sign and two strips of carpet (Is this correct grammar?) at the entrance. One carpet was gray, then the carpet next to it was green.

The sign said:
1. Step on the gray carpet for 2 seconds to disinfect your shoes.
2. Step on the green carpet to moisturize your shoes.
Thank you for helping us keep our mall free of germs!

I dunno. I think either something got lost in translation around Step 2. And I have no idea what's in the gray carpet that can "disinfect" your shoes. It didn't seem wet or soaked with alcogel or anything. (Maybe some alcohol of sorts?)

Of course, being a person who reads signs she sees even if they seem inane, I followed the instructions on the sign. My sister stepped right over the two strips and said "What the heck are you doing?"

I realized that so many people were staring at me and obviously ignoring the sign and I immediately went out the mall, blushing bright red.

It seemed to be an expensive mall anyway. Hahahaha.


Hey, Poobah, I don't know about this, but apparently some people are happy there's a restraining order put on Batch '06. Hahahaha your plan backfired. If that was your plan.

Gah, I don't want to second-guess these things anymore. I should just get clear-cut information from the correct sources.
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[/edit] Per my conversation with Bea-san, I've added 10 more people to the list. :) Noooo more Adelfa peopleeee.... >_< And I added some section stuff. Nooo why are there so many Adelfa and Topaz peopleeee....

[/edit 2] Okaaaayy. The comments are getting crazy. I'll continue the contest in the next entry, so just post there if you still want to guess, ne? I better start planning the prize since it seems Vinni-san's winning...

Well, I'm still pretty ragged (ie: dead) from the plane ride of doom so I still can't write about my very expensive dramatic stay in HK. So I'll talk about what happened today between my mother and our beloved PSHS system director (hereafter known as the Grand Poobah, or Poobah for short).

Mom: We were stopped at the airport when we came back from HK.
Poobah: Ah. *laugh laugh*
Mom: The Immigration person told us that there was a restraining order on my daughter.
Poobah: Ah. *laugh laugh* Ask =insert name of our OIC=.
Mom: Immigration told us that all of the people in her batch (4th year, just graduated) had a restraining order.
Poobah: Ah. *laugh laugh* Ask =insert name of our OIC=.
Mom: Why did you not tell the parents about this? We were lucky to have slipped through.
Poobah: Ah. *laugh laugh* Ask =insert name of our OIC=.
Mom: We have to go to the US soon for my daughter's checkup. What will we do if we are not allowed to go?
Poobah: Ah. *laugh laugh* Ask =insert name of our OIC=.

Eventually he did say that you could get a clearance letter to get out of the country but of course, "Get it from =insert name of our OIC=."

Obviously he doesn't want to take even the slightest responsibility for this new part of the case. Or maybe he's more involved in this than we think.

Ah, I missed blogging. All the insinuations and all that. And I missed you people too :)

Being legal is good :)


Here's something to do while I wait for the pictures from HK to be developed.

I've been thinking a lot about Pisay. But more than thinking about them, I'm been thinking of the colors I see when they speak, and why they appear in my convoluted dreams.

So here they are, the 40 50 people from Pisay '06 who pop up in my mind most for sometimes obvious, mostly ludicrous reasons.

The 40 50 people I thought of for no reason right now from Pisay:

1. I don't know why, but whenever you speak I see red. We were only classmates once, but really, you are a hard person to forget. You are not aware of how intelligent you really are. I envy your fearlessness in speaking your mind. What I first remember when I think of you is your hair, which you once described as "wind-swept." Your second year section was Dahlia. I'm not sure, but I think your 3rd year elective was Robotics. Jen-san, by [profile] josef_enigma

The rest of the list... 16/50 unguessed. )

Guess if you like, because I might will give a prize to the person who guesses the most correctly. Hey, if nothing, it's something to do during summer vacation. And if you ask how I'll get the prize to you, well, there's a FedEx near my house. Of course, if someone guesses a number correctly, you can't guess that number anymore. You don't need to do it all in one go :) Try as much as you like.

Hmmm. I wonder why there are a lot of Adelfa people on my list. Hmmm. I sense something bizarre, considering I'm not from Adelfa. So maybe an Adelfa person will win. Hahahahaha.

(I think there are more people on my list from Adelfa than Camia people. >_<)

Hmmm. I wonder if my friends on lj will recognize the descriptions of themselves. Hahahaha.

I wonder who'll get 40. Hahahahahahahaha. Dapat may special prize yan. :)


And before I forget:
Belated Happy Birthday Michi-san! :)

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