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Excerpt from The Beatrice Letters:

"I will love you as a shingle loves falling off a house on a windy day and striking a grumpy person across the chin, and as an oven loves malfunctioning in the middle of roasting a turkey."

And from Book 13:

"'I told you,' Count Olaf said weakly, 'I told you I'd do that one last time.'"

Talk about love, Series of Unfortunate Events style. Witty and weird and doomed and gaaaah.

I finally finished Book 13.

I don't know what to say.

I've been following the series for a long time, but I didn't expect it to end this way. The whole book seemed different from the rest. It was an anticlimax to the drama of Book 12. It was just plain weird.

I'm not sad. I'm not sad. I'm not sad.

I'm confused, but I don't know what exactly makes me confused. Many things were revealed. Others were left unexplained. The ending. Shoot.

13 books. One Unauthorized Biography. One compilation of letters.


I don't want to spoil anything, so I'll just say this:
There are sheep in Book 13. >_<


Thank you Trebor-san for yesterday, especially letting me taste my namesake cake :)

It was really fun, the food was good, and we got to talk a lot :) :)

Enjoy Book 13 :) I hope it makes up for the horror of Math tests on your actual birthday :)


Ok, I want to do that survey that became popular around a week back. Jar-san, I sense you started this one ;)

Meme/Survey time )


Hmmm. Apparently there is a nudist camp named PSHS. >_<

You learn something new everyday. O.o


Since I haven't posted anything related to Pokemon in a while, here's a picture of the pre-evolution of Chansey, Pinpuku (don't know if they'll change the name for Diamond/Pearl's US release).

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Thank you Wikipedia.

It is not holding an egg. That is a stone. >_< It's just trying to mimic Chansey who has an egg in its pouch.

Cute, though. :)


Yay, exempted ako sa NatSci 2 exam! :) :) :)


November 13 = start of classes. Hmmm.

Never mind that, let's finish all the requirements for this semester first =P


I want to be happy. I'm trying to be happy.

But I'd rather be miserable if you're happy.
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NatSci = What the heck pyrite pala donk a donk donk plus bakit may police sa labas ng klasrum???????

Galing ni Trebor, sinabi na kailangan ng streak test :)

[Real story will come in a friends-only entry. Di pa ako nakarecover eh.]


Panalo ito.

Math question for Homework:

(2a^2-3b^3)(______________) = (_____________________)

Pilosopo yung katabi ko (si Bean). Sabi niya, "Paano kung 0 ang nilagay namin?"



We watched Kingdom of Heaven last Thursday for Philo (and quit 1/4th through it) and went to the Guidance Office for our required interviews. (Ewan ko nga rin anong relasyon ng movie na yan sa Philo. Umalis na kami nung nagpakita yung love interest ni Orlando Bloom.)

One of my classmates made this survey and passed it around the Intarmed class during the movie.

Taken/Not Taken?

Kind of..., Taken, Not Taken, Looking, Waiting to be Found (meron talagang nagpili nito :)) and something else...

Alam mo naman ako, ayaw ko magsinungaling, so "Kind of" ang pinili ko. Tapos nilagay ko na "nasa Diliman eh..."

Conversation with Friend from Intarmed and Athena during Guidance Waiting Period:
Friend: Kind of ha...
Self: Eh... Di naman naging kami eh... pero di naman ako naghahanap dahil gusto ko nga siya...
Friend: Anong course niya sa Diliman?
Self: *is about to tell him (since he's from Pisay Davao, he doesn't know anyone from our batch) but remembers Athena is there* Kasi malalaman ni Athena eh...

Sayang. Ah well.


Walang pumatol sa sinabi ko nung naunang entry (yung tungkol sa sasabihan ko kung sino siya basta magkwento ka tungkol sa kanya) kaya...

Bahala na kelan may makakalaman kung sino ang minamahal ko. Hahahahahahahaha.


Trebor made me cry last Monday. I was so happy then because we left Histo 5 early for the flag ceremony and he had to mention his name fondly. Panira naman.

Inis. Bakit ba ganyan parin?


I now have food coloring on my hand. It won't come off. Boo.

Dang you NatSci tawas crystal...


And because I'm currently waiting for super tawas crystal to magically appear from my tawas solution... *donk*

Ten to One )

High School ;) )


Haaaaaayyyy. Back to the tawas crystal watching.

0053: 10%

Dec. 31st, 2005 12:31 am
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from [ profile] dikya

start at 100% and take away 1% for each of these you have done in the past or are doing right now.
When complete put your total in the subject box and repost in a new post. Have fun and be completely honest.

On to the pretty stuff... )


In the year 2006 I resolve to:

Invent a better pizza.

Get your resolution here


Everything I've ever done comes back to haunt me, one by one.

I can't escape.
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Ah well. Survey time. (Taken from Lara-san.)

A survey. )

And another... )

Still another... )

Sheesh. I must have been really depressed lately. I did three of them.

Serious update maybe tomorrow? (haha...)
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Congratulations to anyone who gets the movie references of the subject title. No, it's not anime-related for once.


It's been four days and I'm still happy. (Yes, that's all you'll get out of me right now. I'll be more literate about this later.) Gah. He's affecting me more than I thought he could. I think I'm more insane than I usually am.

Sheesh. How can you revise your RRL when what he said keeps popping up in your mind? I just keep typing his name in the Word Document over and over again.

My groupmates are going to kill me.


So STR gave me an ultimatum (rather, our teacher the Director): Join Intel or our grades go down.

Gah. STR bites. Goodbye lovely 9 day weekend. Argh. I'll be stuck in that evil dusty STR room with HER. Well, and Don-san, Andoki-san, Eko-san, and Neil-san, but gah. My ancestors will not be visited because of it.

All that I've got left to look forward to is the Potassium outing. Please don't throw anymore curveballs, fate, I'm pretty much wonked out right now.


Paskorus practice on Saturday? Eek. Let's hope STR doesn't kill me by then.


Someone in RL asked me to do this, so... Gah, I guess I was really bad back in grade school. )


I am a ISTP, apparently.

I demand a recount.

I'm supposedly good at sports. Not withstanding the fact that I can't participate in any sports other than chess (which I pretty much suck at), the one time I played basketball I hit myself in the head with the ball. Gah. Ditto volleyball. The one time I played badminton I almost crashed into the nearby wall.

I should take the test when my brother isn't looking over my shoulder, I guess. ;)

Also, how do you answer the soap opera question when you've never watched one? A real one, I mean.


Someone asked me Friday if I was losing my mind.

The obvious answer is yes.


Wala parin kaming teacher sa Econ. Pati grades namin wala. Ano kaya mangyayari? Abangan sa sunod na linggo!

Where the heck are you Sir Job? (Yes, I know he's been hospitalized, but c'mon, he could at least have someone calculate our grades...)


My parents have pretty much disowned me again because of STR. Gah.

How the heck am I going to get that Parent Consent form (for Intel, required) signed now? Not to mention my groupmates have voted me group leader for some insane reason. And there's that Medical Consent thing saying that I'm physically fit lalala.

The only thing I'm physically fit to do right now is curl up and sleep. Seriously.

Or watch anime. <3

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