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[Note: Sorry for the mixed-up convoluted post. I hope I can make a more coherent one next time.]

I can't escape you, even though I try sitting far away and teachers innovate different ways of separating us...

It's just plain old alphabetical destiny.


[edited thanks to Josef-san]

Happy Birthday Louie-san :)


Excerpt from Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wedding vows:
Minister: "Now, Tom, girls need clothes, and food and tender happiness and frills. A pan, a comb, perhaps a cat. All caprice, if you will. But still they need them. Do you then provide? Do you?"
Tom: "I do."

Lol. A pan, a comb, and a cat. Donk.


My Bio 22 Lecture teacher was my sister's thesis adviser last year.

Talk about coincidence.

Of course, since my sister was in a different course, I doubt he'd realize the family relationship.

Not to mention he seems rather...

Wait. Stop that thought. This is a public post. :)


Ookido Shigeru,

I waited four long anime seasons for you.

I'm glad you're back. :) Course we all know Satoshi's going to get more airtime since he's the Chosen One but still.


My hair is now more than two feet long. More than two rulers placed side by side.

It's really heavy when it's wet. >_<

Thank you Joan-san for putting up with my hair since I can't tie it to save my life :)


I'm glad you had fun, Josef-san :)


I'm writing fanfiction again. >_< I can't believe it.

I swear I wanted a one-shot but it's spawned into a multi-chapter thing.



With the given statements "Man does not have instincts," "There is no such thing as a maternal instinct nor the instinct to preserve one's self (self-preservation)," and the tantalizing unexplained statement "Man created God..."

This is going to be one battle-filled SocSci 1 class.

And we have to watch Pocahontas and Pocahontas 2 for next week. Hmmm.


My Math 100 teacher is a practicing neurosurgeon.

His premed was Math.

OMGWTFBBQ, indeed. :)


This is easily becoming a very expensive semester. >_<


You take away my Fridays and now my Saturdays too...

At least I claim part of my Wednesdays back.

Somehow I don't think it's a fair trade.

Because Wednesday is Wednesday and Saturdays are Saturdays, OMGWTFBBQ!!!

Ok, shutting up now.
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Okay, according to my mom who talked to someone in the registrar's office, all the transcripts for the Pisay people in UP Manila were sent out Thursday morning. So it should be received by UP Manila on Monday by the latest :) So probably all the UP campuses who don't have the Pisay people's transcripts should be getting them soon. :)

I don't know why it took so long though. Haven't heard of a reason yet.


What was I doing on the day of September 11, 2001?

I remember going to school. I remember going home. I remember taking off my shoes and socks. I remember using the internet, still dressed in my green skirt and white blouse. I remember being called for dinner.

I remember watching CNN and going to sleep afterwards, trying to block it out of my head.

I remember the next day in class, we listened to the radio during Araling Panlipunan (which is SocSci, I guess). I remember that black radio, broadcasting things that spoke of sadness and destruction and everything else in between. I remember the colors diminishing that day, mixing and mixing and having a sheen of palest gray.

I remember being sad around that time. I didn't really understand all the political arguments that raged on at that time but I felt so sad because of all the lives lost and all the people shouting and everything being so...

I remember feeling numb.

I remember wanting to close my eyes to the world and its cruelties.

I remember being sad because I had seen the World Trade Center the summer before my Grade 6 year and I realized I would never see it again exactly as it once was.

I remember not wanting to go on an airplane for a long while after that.

I'm sorry, I'm blabbing, but I just watched the movie and I feel sad and sadder and it's like I'm that Grade 6 girl over again.


I'm glad to hear you guys did well selling Cello's doughnuts, Josef-san :)

And congratulations to all the University and College Scholars :)


And even though I always complain about the Harry Potter movies and all the things they changed and dropped...

I'm going to go look for that trailer on the net (for OoTP) once it comes out :)

Speaking of movies, I want to watch Happy Feet :) I've seen the movie trailer a lot and I want to know what the movie is all about :) Besides dancing penguins are always good :)


It's hard to be sad when everyone else is sad. I keep trying to think of ways of how to cheer people up, make the load on their backs a little lighter. But all my ideas are gone, blown away in the wind, only fragments of them left fluttering and falling into my hair.

I try to find the right words to say but once I'm there, all my prose disappears.

Please guys, take care, ok?

Everybody wants to be understood
Well I can hear you...
Everybody wants to be loved
Don't give up
Because you are loved (you are loved)

You are loved (you are loved)
Don't give up (don't give up)
It's just the weight of the world!! (you are loved)
Don't give up (don't give up)
Everyone needs to be heard (don't give up)
You are loved (you are loved)

- Josh Groban, You Are Loved (Don't Give Up)
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Excerpt from The Beatrice Letters:

"I will love you as a shingle loves falling off a house on a windy day and striking a grumpy person across the chin, and as an oven loves malfunctioning in the middle of roasting a turkey."

And from Book 13:

"'I told you,' Count Olaf said weakly, 'I told you I'd do that one last time.'"

Talk about love, Series of Unfortunate Events style. Witty and weird and doomed and gaaaah.

I finally finished Book 13.

I don't know what to say.

I've been following the series for a long time, but I didn't expect it to end this way. The whole book seemed different from the rest. It was an anticlimax to the drama of Book 12. It was just plain weird.

I'm not sad. I'm not sad. I'm not sad.

I'm confused, but I don't know what exactly makes me confused. Many things were revealed. Others were left unexplained. The ending. Shoot.

13 books. One Unauthorized Biography. One compilation of letters.


I don't want to spoil anything, so I'll just say this:
There are sheep in Book 13. >_<


Thank you Trebor-san for yesterday, especially letting me taste my namesake cake :)

It was really fun, the food was good, and we got to talk a lot :) :)

Enjoy Book 13 :) I hope it makes up for the horror of Math tests on your actual birthday :)


Ok, I want to do that survey that became popular around a week back. Jar-san, I sense you started this one ;)

Meme/Survey time )


Hmmm. Apparently there is a nudist camp named PSHS. >_<

You learn something new everyday. O.o


Since I haven't posted anything related to Pokemon in a while, here's a picture of the pre-evolution of Chansey, Pinpuku (don't know if they'll change the name for Diamond/Pearl's US release).

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Thank you Wikipedia.

It is not holding an egg. That is a stone. >_< It's just trying to mimic Chansey who has an egg in its pouch.

Cute, though. :)


Yay, exempted ako sa NatSci 2 exam! :) :) :)


November 13 = start of classes. Hmmm.

Never mind that, let's finish all the requirements for this semester first =P


I want to be happy. I'm trying to be happy.

But I'd rather be miserable if you're happy.
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The Pros and Cons of Wearing Something other than Sandals and Sneakers )


There isn't a swear word invented that can fully express my ultimate hate for Math 17. )


Maybe I just don't want them to end up like me. )


I promised I’d post the erm, reason for my leaving early (Homecoming), or actually, what the hell I did instead of watch my classmates and teacher win UNILAB prizes, but Math et al. has eaten my brain again. (Actually it’s been shut down without warning too many times this week; ctrl + alt + del doesn’t work anymore. My brain needs a reformat. Badly.) Maybe next entry. Besides, it deserves an entry of its own.


Lots of us are feeling poorly due to our Math test and the environmental/physical/mental/emotional factors involved in taking it. Get well Joanne, Cybill, Poch (haha, talaga ba may sakit ka?), etc. (Oo nga no, puro pala Block 13 ang natamaan.) Yeesh. We need a break from Math 17. (Actually we need a break from Mr. Math.)

I mean, I’m not the sharpest crayon in the box when it comes to Math but this was a hard test. I swear, guys, the tests here in Manila are harder. This test, I think, is a sure fail for me. As in cinco o quatro fail. And if our Intarmed Math God and Goddess are unsure of their performance in the test (and I’m sure a lot of people know who they are, have known them for a while even), then what more of us mere mortals? (And I don’t think I’m a mortal anymore, I’m just a erm… degenerate species? Hahahahaha.)

Bah. Stupid long questions. And Mr. Math cannot multiply. If he ruled the world, 1 times 1 would be equal to 2. Donk.

I am anticipating the day of evaluation of Mr. Math with sadistic glee. If it happens tomorrow…


Contest, ended :) )


Titilated yet? Yeah right. )


I’m seeing someone I shouldn’t be seeing here. I thought it was a fluke the first time, a coincidence the second, but I was shell-shocked at the third as now I know his supposed course here (since he was with his blockmates and I know that block’s course).

Talk about those coincidences that you wish would never happen to you.

I’m still praying it’s a mistake. Please make it a mistake.

Gaaaaaaaaaah. More stress.


Wake me up
when September ends...

- Wake Me Up When September Ends, Green Day

Then again, if September ends, finals will follow in October. Wala bang pass hanggang November? >_<


And to all you Katipunan people out there, we might just see you really soon :)
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I haven't posted in a week. >_< I've sunk to new lows. Still now, I'm not finished with a lot of things I need to do. Ah well. I've been thinking too much again. I wish that I could turn off my brain sometimes. But with my luck, I'd probably just forget to turn it on again. >_<

Note: Different people were involved in all parts of the story. Well, actually the people in the first two parts are the same, but they are different distinct people compared to those in the third and fourth part.

Intro: This is a true story, yet some details are omitted or made unclear for the safety of certain people, most of all me. :) This story is more understandable if you've actually been reading my lj for at least eight months (basically, while I was in Pisay). (Haha, that's long.) Still, I tried to make it reference-free for those who aren't used to my writing style yet.

And you know, I'm still not done with you, Homecoming. There's still another story to write, which will probably appear after my 3rd Departmental Exam in Math on Thursday. :)

An Alumni Homecoming Story in Four Parts )

Note (added September 12, 2006): Obviously the person referred to in Parts 1 and 2 is not the same as the person referred to in Parts 3 and 4. Or if they are, I think I may have written a mistake in somewhere. *donk* I believe the person's identity in Parts 3 and 4 is obvious due to a number of key statements. However, it's the person's identity in Parts 1 and 2 that's the same as number 51 in my second contest :)


I'm glad I saw Jhud-san and Jar-san at Homecoming :) Although I was shocked by their physical appearance at first. Arvin-san also looks different. Ok, a lot of guys basically got hairier. >_< (As compared to Intarmed males who visit the barber at least once a month?) Still nice to see known people other than those in Intarmed again that are in my age range. :)

I'm glad I got to see a lot of people, although most of them were Lithium. (This was inevitable because apparently they were all attracted - by some sort of chemical/magnetic bond- to the Lithium Intarmed people.) I'm glad I got to see my anime-loving buddies too :)

Hmmm. I got accused of having footbinding done on my feet a lot that night (the lily feet). O.o I know I'm Chinese, but we're not that traditional... And I think my feet are normal sized (if not large)?... 7 and 1/2 to 7 to 6 and 1/2 (for kids)... of course if I chop my toes off like they did in China back then I'd probably lose the 1/2...

Actually, my feet look small compared to my brothers'. One has a 10 shoe size while the other has a 12 shoe size. >_<

I think the shoes I was wearing during homecoming just did a good job of shrinking my feet, that's all. :)


Contest :) Clue added to no. 20 :) )

Right now, Vinni-san's still leading :)


I fell up the stairs last Friday :( (And no, that's not a mistake. I really did fall "up" the stairs as opposed to "down". I fell on a higher step from whence I came. Only happens to me.) I now have a very unattractive bruise on my left leg, and it's all for nothing since we didn't succeed. >_<

Why oh why must we not succeed in walking out of Kom??? (Success Rate: 1 in 3 attempts. And we only got the one because we hid in the secret RH area for around 10 minutes.)


Please get well soon, my almost name-twin... (or is it name almost-twin? >_<)


I finished collecting the Pokemon Advanced Generation Happy Meal Set :) (Note: This is the one created for the release of Movie 8.)

I remember the old days in grade school when I tried to complete old sets... like the 101 Dalmatian set that I did not complete even after it was repeated (because of the live-action film) and the Snoopy set (with 28 different countries) that I did finish... and the old Hot Wheels cars and the little Barbie dolls...

I wonder how many Happy Meals I've bought in this lifetime so far... and how many I'll buy in my lifetime, whether it be for myself or for future spawn (LOL)...
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This is late by two days, but ah well. I'll still do it. Not that I think he reads my blog or anything, but hey.

From the first contest:

"You know me better than I know myself. I think you already know who the person I love is, but you're waiting for me to be able to admit it to myself before you bring it up. Your third year section was Potassium. We don't agree on the anime we like to watch, but you have good taste in anime songs. I was mad at you for a while in first year because of a certain person we were both classmates with. We play the same musical instrument."

And the second contest:

"I want to see the carabao, the carabao, the carabao! :)"

Well, you've just turned seventeen and I'm happy you seem happy where you are. I wish we had become classmates, but well, our paths may diverge but we'll always be friends wherever your intelligence brings you.

Happy 17th Birthday Inzo-sama :) Thanks for the thing with the carrots at the prom. And I still want to see the carabao you won, even though it's in a glass case. :( I wanted to ride on it =P


Vinni-san, I saw your ad in the Philippine Star :)


I don't like what the Justice Secretary said.

Honestly, what he said is uncouth and generalist, bordering on silly and petulant. Makes me think he's bitter about something. (Maybe he failed the exam, lol.)

Funny he should say that, though, since UP Manila is very very near the Department of Justice. (I walk past it everyday on the way to one of my buildings.)

Not that I'm hearing any major uprisings, but maybe the PolSci people here (I think there are some, anyway) will do something.


The contest with new questions and more bonus point opportunities :) )

And right now, Vinni-san's leading :)

Note: Please don't comment here, use the next post. :)
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I'm wondering how brave I am concerning this blog of mine.

Am I fearless enough to keep it public even as I encounter people and events that make me get closer to the true me, the me that I don't want anyone to know, or am I going to be a coward and hide it all, maybe even abort the blog itself?

I'm starting to wonder why I'm alive, why I blog, and why people read my blog. For kicks? For a laugh? Or maybe they're worried about me. Maybe they like the writing style. Or the picture posts. Or maybe that's all a delusion.

I started this blog as a jumping board, a draft of my fictionalized life works. Now, it's become so much more than that, yet essentially it still is that.

The questions are: am I willing to share what I am now with those I have left behind more than four years ago and what I once was with those I'm just meeting now?

I don't think he reads this, though, if you ask. If he does (or did), he's never told me. And honestly, please don't ask him, because I don't think I'm prepared to know whatever the answer is.

And guys? Thanks. Thanks a lot. Thanks for everything :)


The contest :) )

I am seriously thinking of adding 10 more people because of the scores so far. If my prediction is right, it might end in a tie. >_<

While I think about it (and any suggestions are appreciated), I've added opportunities for earning bonus points to some of the unanswered questions.

Note: (August 29, 2006) I'll repost this tomorrow, since it's getting messy. Please do not comment here anymore when that is posted. I'll freeze/screen comments tomorrow in this post, so when that happens, please comment on the new post. :)

Note: (August 30, 2006) Please post your answers here. :)
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In NSTP yesterday we were taught many things about infectious diseases.

Signs of a bird with avian flu:
Crown is purple.
Weak in general.
Nasal and beak discharge.

Also, a confirmation of leptospirosis. (Which is the disease you get from exposure to rat urine, which can be fatal if not treated.)

Also, we debunked the idea that looking into the eyes of a person with sore eyes will be equal to getting sore eyes.

We learned about the Father of Handwashing and the ancestor of Alcogel, chlorinated lime solution!

But best of all, we learned how to wash our hands properly! :) There are six simple steps to washing one's hand properly.

The six steps! )

These steps are important since we apparently miss a lot of areas using our normal ways of washing hands.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Very scary. Yet at least we have found out.

Also, we were given freebies :) Some of us won special purple hand sanitizer (Ahem, Joan Joanne.). Everyone got a free bar of antibacterial soap. :) And we all got this nifty pin :)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Busted! )


It's been two weeks or so since I first got it, and now I don't know how I lived without it for so long. :)

I love white yellow pad!!! :) (aka Business Pad) Now I can use correction tape on yellow pad without being very very obvious :) :) As I loved yellow pad before (and wrote the infamous stories on it) now I will love and love and love my white yellow pad (and probably write more infamous stuff on it) :) :)

I should stock up on it now :) Sa Katipunan palang ako nakakita eh. :(


The dangers of having synesthesia, PE style. Also, the colors I see when I hear the song 'Sex Bomb'. Haha. )


Whatever the hell that thing was at the bottom of my last entry. )


Okay, Math question. (Since we just had our departmental exam on Tuesday.)

For any real number, k, w, x, and y, the statement w varies jointly as x and y means w = kxy. True or false?


Speaking of which, I wonder if we'll ever have a departmental exam in Math that starts on time. Twice, there has been delays. (We start at past 6:00 -at least- when we should have started at 5:30 pm.) The first was because of possible brownouts, seating arrangements, etc. while the second was due to room problems. We were told to go to our normal room, then we were told to move to this other room. We wait a long time for our teacher to appear. Then we were made to go away by the Behavioral Science teacher since it was their room, after all. Then we go to our original room, which is locked. >_< Then we go to the next room which is small, cramped, and has no aircon. So there is a shortage of armchairs, so people have to get them also.

Of course our teacher lamented the uselessness of his prepared seat plan instead of soothing our ruffled/smashed emotions. Interestingly enough, he still hasn't gotten the memo that David is in New Zealand and isn't going to claim his slot in Intarmed anytime soon. (Even though David-san has not attended any Math class ever.) >_< Donk.

It's unfair. The other classes were allowed to use calculators. We were the only ones not allowed to use them. Stupid biased piyok man teacher. (What a description.) I know we may be erm, considered highly intelligent, but it's unfair to deny us something granted to all the other Math 17 classes in UP Manila! *is bitter*


Philo class musings... )


Belated Happy Birthday Clar-san!!! :)


Hey, is everyone going to the Alumni Homecoming on September 2? I want to go! :) I hope I can go. O.o

Maybe I should start another contest (and give the prize out then, if the winner isn't out of the country - of course if you're from Intarmed, I can give it directly. If you're neither, I'll figure out a way. Haha.). LBC hates me. (Sorry Josef-san!!! I'll try again this weekend!) Would anyone join, though? Haha.


Obviously I am procrastinating from finishing homework for my very unit-heavy yet brain-numbing-in-more-ways-than-one subject.

I have a new theory about why Mr. Teacher's always late and sweaty, though.


If I ever say goodbye, let's hope I'm strong enough to not falter and run back and say 'Hello again.'
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LadyMed 2006 is over, under the carpet, closed, done, done.

Let me just say that my eyes and ears have both contributed to making me mentally scarred for life.

Even my synesthesia could not save me from the scary sights...

Imagine guys wearing bikini tops. >_< And they actually look like they have breasts (I mean... you know what I mean.)!!! >_< It was creepy because during the evening gown competition I saw one of the contestant's fake boobs. >_< Not to mention all the sexual innuendoes... and the gyrations of Fingerella with her surfboard!!! >_< I know I'm 18, I've watched Brokeback Mountain not to mention certain other films with such things but... gah.

Fingerella: All my life I've wanted to get inside a woman's body...

I am seriously wondering if we (Intarmed 2013) will be as insane/perverted as the other batches with a few years below the belt. Maybe UP Med Students = insanity + perversion + intelligence (haha).

I'm happy that our talent portion was really nice though :) The remix of the Beauty and the Beast theme song was cool. :) Although I guess ours was the least sexually suggestive of all of the talent samples... wala pa kaming alam diyan eh. O.o Hahahaha. Tsaka Belle (the character we have) isn't exactly a sex kitten. Then again, all of the Disney Princesses were not sex kittens per se(except Ariel, I guess, with her magical never-getting-destroyed shell bra and Jasmine with her belly-baring outfit but still) but after tonight...

I don't think I can watch Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, and Aladdin without thinking perverse thoughts ever again. (Nooooo my childhood days!!!) Wala na. Mulan nalang ang papanoorin ko. Wait, crossdresser naman si Mulan. Nooooooooooooo.

Ok. Lion King na nga lang. (Noooo don't destroy that for meeeeee!!!!)

I'd like to share pictures, but I'm still waiting for someone to post them online.

It's really demoralizing when guys who dress up as girls look prettier than you, btw. :(

Well, I guess I have better hair? Demo, it doesn't count since they all wore wigs.

Ka-batch pala ng ate ko yung nanalo sa LadyMed. :) :) Ang galing nga naman niya sumayaw eh, parang en pointe na siya tapos nagfififth position pa siya pati almost grand jete at pas de deux (pero dalawa yung naglift sa kanya) :) :) Pero nakakatakot ang codename niya, Jenny Thalia. I repeat, med school looks like a long road to perversion.

At least it isn't a boring road :)


Life scares me when someone dances holding a sharp implement with the blade exposed.

I believe all those at a certain place at a certain time last week will agree with me on this.

From this alone it is assured that Intarmed life is going to be a series of heart attacks, day by day, week by week, and as the years fly by.

Ah well, at least it won't be boring.


Reflection on something. )


Who said coincidence doesn't exist? )


You're making me smile when I shouldn't be.

I should be scared of you, but you're too damn nice.

Thanks. :)


Tomorrow = Math Dept. Exam No. 2.

Please do not let me fail the honor of Pisay students everywhere (or everyone's expectations of us).

I've already failed it enough. :(


This is cheery. According to the program I got from watching "Walang Himala" (a play about Edsa 1 and what it has done for us) Sunday, this is my fortune (rather, kapalaran). (In fairness, may horoscope ang program.)

Nung mapatalsik si Marcos, nagpabuntis ka sa boyfriend mo dahil tingin mo aayos ang Pilipinas. Nang mapatalsik si Erap, nagpabuntis ka uli sa boyfriend mo dahil akala mo aayos na ang Pilipinas. Ngayon galit mga anak mo sa iyo kasi bakit mo raw sila ipinganak gayong ang hirap ng buhay sa Pilipinas.

Is it even possible to be pregnant when you're not even conceived yet? (Since I was probably conceived in 1987, and Edsa was in 1986.) And I was only grade 6 when Erap was offed! >_<

I think I would have demanded marriage if I had gotten pregnant or something, though. O.o Or gotten married first. Haha.

The rest of the cheery stuff. )

I think Capricorn got the best fortune. At least they'll meet their true love. Then they'll kill each other. Still. Better than the rest. >_<


Here we go again, with all these leaves and flowers whirling around us. It's like first year all over again, except we're not under the yellow and pink flowered trees anymore.

And even if there's a whole lot of cement separating us, there's still a place where no one can stop our meeting, stop our looking at each other under the starry night sky.

At least we don't have to run from the Pisay goats anymore :) They did attack John Mar's plastic in first year. =P

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Take a guava from a guava tree. How? )


Because apparently a lot of us are reading erm, descriptive lit since it's required. >_<

Let's see the sample! )


I loved Tuesday's Math 17 class. :)

Wala kasing prof eh :) :)


I do not like crunches. My abdominal muscles kill me. And I cannot eat afterwards. Or laugh. Or anything.


The Fellowship of the School Supplies, Searching for the Clear Folders )


Everything seems less bad after a dreamless sleep.

Except STR (talks from experience).

And now, my Pisay-Intarmed classmates now torture me with old Research Manuals and stat-tests talk and give me even more nightmares of what was once my Monday-Double-Period-Good-Morning!


LadyMed practice is in full swing. (If you don't know, it's the competition between the College of Medicine batches wherein each batch dresses up a straight guy as a girl.) I am still disturbed by the sight of JF dancing with a guy. Anyway.

I am in the props division, which is headed by Athena. Since it's Athena who's heading it, you know the props are going to kick ass. :)


Ok, I knew this would eventually happen. But I blocked it out of my head hoping that it never would. But it did. )


Ok, I've been talking to the Pisay-Intarmed people who read my lj and some people thought (for a moment) that my lie was true. >_< And that it was believable, if they didn't see me every day in Intarmed.

I'm sorry. I'm happy here. Honest. I'm not regretting not taking up Chem Eng. I'm not regretting anything except the fact that I still miss him.

However, I'm going to set something straight. It's true that the guy I love said those bad things. "He" is not my conscience/inner voice. That's the ugly truth, that the guy I love can say (and did say) such ugly things to anyone.

And maybe that's more despicable than any lie I can make up.


I am not going to give in and say "I'm sorry." I'm not going to let you say "I told you so," because there's still no truth in what you said. I don't believe we have a chance, ever even had one.

But I am going to tell you something, darling, since I still can't say truthfully that I don't love you anymore.

I miss you. Although I know what you're going to tell me when you see me again.

"You regret it, don't you? Intarmed?"

Maybe I do. Maybe I don't. It's not your business to know now, with what you've done to me, my heart, my life.

Regardless, I'm not going to take anything I said above back.
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Exactly one year ago, I was a wreck. It was the day before I took my UPCAT, and I certainly didn't want to do anything other than curl up and die, for various reasons (physical, mental, emotional). I was dead sure that I wouldn't pass the UPCAT because of so many reasons but the most important being that he had told me the day before that I sucked in Physics. Granted, I do suck at it but it's probably not the nicest thing to say right before the UPCAT. Not to mention the importance of the person who said it to me. Not to mention the first class (double period, mind you) I'd have on Monday would be the indomitable STR taught by the equally indomitable Ma'am Y. who would surely bash and wreck our STR proposal to the point of no return and likewise play that sadistic game with our brains and emotions that would make me want to run and cry and sleep in Math if not for my equally indomitable yet infinitely kinder Ma'am S.

Well... )


Recap of the Week, tabulated:
1. Kim, ang galing mo :) Intarmed has been avenged (sa Mindbreakers)!
2. I am traumatized by JF twirling Bean around in his arms... (note that Bean is a guy)
3. I realized how sensitive I am to sound (and the colors I see because of it) yet again when my classmates made a din while reviewing for PE's written exam. I honestly couldn't see anything in there other than multiple colors washing over each other (and obviously not my handwritten notes), so I left the room and studied in the corridor with Danni.
4. I had only one KOM class this week, and it was already too much, dangit!!!!
5. The only arcade game I'm good at is one that doesn't give any tickets :(
6. BTIC is good :) Cherry Marble = love.
7. I was told something that would have broken my heart a few weeks ago but now is more of a relief. Good job, self.
8. I am writing something that seems to be related to a certain first year piece. Although now, instead of it being set in English class, it's set in a class wherein I contemplate the number of times my teacher goes piyok every 20 minutes in it.
9. Intarmed debates in Philo = painful throbbing in head. My notes = gibberish.
10. Ardynne scares me. A lot. I thought I was getting used to him, but what he did (to me) on Thursday is very traumatic and nightmare-rendering. Then again, I think anyone would be traumatized by what he did.


Speaking of looking back, I had a dream on Thursday. (Okay, a nightmare.) Guess what was the Star?

STR. Specifically, there being an oral defense the next day and me not having anything of our final paper nor visuals. >_< As in zero. Zilch. As in wala nga Intro. Lalo pa results. And my STR groupmates nowhere to be seen (but this is usual).

Damnit. I got a 1.75 already as my final grade, dangit (sorry po, mataas na ito talaga sa akin dahil Ma'am Y. kami)! Make STR stop being my fear already!

You know, we have this yahoo group for STR. Up to now, I still dread opening my email because I keep thinking "Oh shoot, baka may email nanaman si Ma'am Y." Then I hit myself on the head because I remember that I'm in college now. No more Pisay STR to haunt me.

When will it stop, though?

Maybe when I finish Med School. Haha.
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As today is supposedly Livejournal Fake Day (or at least what's left of it, anyway) I shall make up a lie.

(And no, that's not the lie. But am I lying now? Brain sprain, darlings.) Let me call on the literal meaning of my username and say this: What if? (I repeat, this is just speculation. There are many lies in this work because of the nature of the date.)

And obviously, this is somewhat based on what happened here, here, and here. (Except those are 95%-100% true.)

Let the lies begin, and there we go. )

The truths and the lies in the story, enumerated to make it simple. )

Ahh. Now that that's out of my system, I need to go sleep. Or not.

(I think I suck at this lying thing, because there's still a lot of truth in it - at least the gut emotion in there, not to mention all those little insecurities that burn at you late in the night and make you wish for a sledgehammer. At least it was an attempt at lying. Think of this as writing practice, Raine.)


[This is written past 12:00 am, so no more lies. I'm just a lazy person when it comes to changing the time and date of my entries.]

Today, rather, yesterday was interesting. I have discovered that I like Cherry Marble from BTIC. :) And there's a promo, 2 scoops in a waffle cone for 60 pesos. (Pimp.)

Gbox is fun. :) Joan, Dingdong, CJ, Nil, and I played games there and racked up 235 tickets. We claimed 210 for a Sakura keychain. :) It's funny that the kiddie-ish version of basketball shooting gave out more tickets than the hardcore one. >_<

It is suspicious that one of my classmates ate at Sbarro's for lunch. Alone. At Sbarro's. And when he showed up for NatSci, he was wearing a pink shirt as opposed to his earlier white shirt (seen worn at Sbarro's).

Actually, something juicy happened but it is not my place to tell it. Let me just say it involves a wild-goose chase, a Neji keychain, a small pouch bag, and three tired people, one of which is me.

Actually, I'm just too tired now. >_< I'll talk about it on Sunday or later or something.

Telling lies is harder than I thought. Spinning them so that they seem a bit believable is harder. >_< I hope this doesn't happen again next year. (I'll just ignore whatever [profile] frankthecomic says.)


My KOM teacher wanted us to find GROs for his subject (and for whom, maybe?).

Good job, teach. O.o


There is this guy who claims to do scientific palm readings near the Supreme Court. He's sort of like an institution at UP Manila, supposedly.

Normally, when I pass by his erm, sidewalk space, he doesn't have a customer. This Monday and Tuesday his business was brisk (everytime I walked by, he had a customer - I pass his sidewalk space going to GAB, going to get lunch, going for afternoon classes, going home). On Thursday and Friday, he was gone all day. (He did leave his sign and chair though.)

Exactly how do you read a palm scientifically??? (Well, I've read that someone with soft palms is probably a lazy person - like me, I guess, but that can't be all of it.)


On Thursday morning, when I walked to GAB there was this little stream of blood on the sidewalk. (Ok, not little. Enough to be creepy.)

On Thursday afternoon, it was still there, and drying.

On Friday morning, it was still there and almost dry.

On Friday afternoon it was pretty much completely dry (and powdery).

I don't really want to know where/whom/what it came from. I know I heard something suspicious on Wednesday night but...


I really am tired and will now retreat and watch anime now. Or sleep. Or something.
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I thought that I'd escape seeing frat rumbles - or at least see less of them since there's less space there to actually have a frat rumble - since I chose to go to UP Manila.

They don't have rumbles at UP, they have it at Robinsons' Place Ermita. >.< When lots of Pisay people were off shopping for Cris' gift I went off to mail something via LBC and right in the middle of the mall, there was this rumble/chase/etc. happening. It was really disquieting especially since apparently they had come in from the other side of the mall.

Actually, I don't even think they were UP students. Why?

They had the typical high school male uniforms. >_< Maybe it's a frat at their high school...

No, they didn't actually land that much punches on each other. They just ran and ran and pulled clothes and stuff. Then the police came running after them and they ran off into the streets.

If I had gotten there around 2 minutes earlier I would have probably gotten hit by the running men, so I'm glad that I got there late for once. :)

[Edit: No, the guys are probably not from MaSci.]


Tests, tests, and soon to come tests... )


Too bad dropping a subject equals leaving Intarmed. )


I want to go to the Camia outing on Wednesday but I have classes then :(


Apparently I am not as introverted as I perceive myself to be.

However, I'm still more introverted than most everyone in Intarmed. >.<


This is the first time I've been blackmailed in my whole life. At least, as far back as I can remember. )


Again, sorry for the last entry if I offended anyone. Honestly, I believe that my verbosity only gets me into trouble. See first year, where my little piece about love in a dark classroom made me infamous - and known by a lot of people who probably shouldn't have known me for anything other than that.


(Sort of inspired by Kel's posting a word problem)

I was answering a problem in Math 17 in advance (since I was getting bored of how my teacher insists on adding say constant c to both sides when you can just transpose). I don't like Math as a rule (sorry Jman, Pauline, and Vinni =P), but I was amused by this question. I've never seen anything like it before. (Apparently neither has my seatmate fron Xavier, since he watched me solve it with amusement.)

The question plus the supposed solution )


Because I posted the aforementioned essay I wrote in first year, Trebor read it for the first time. Because of this, on Wednesday all the Pisay-Dil Intarmed people (except Joanne) decided to devote minutes to figuring out who he is based on my paltry clues.

Noooo it's doomed to be found out considering their intelligence!!! Especially Ardynne's intelligence!!! Doomed, I tell you, doomed!!!

And Trebor didn't like noticed my skirt that day. Actually he said "mataruch skirt mo!" and "mataray skirt mo!" Wearing boots with it didn't seem to help the image... (Trebor, Joan, etc. = gothy, "I am superior to you, don't dare talk to me.")

I should post pictures of said skirt, but I have no digicam. >_< Maybe when I wear it again in UP Manila... but I need a cameraperson...

[/edit] Trebor is not evil :) :) :) Bagay raw yung skirt ko sa akin :) :)


I don't know how I'm surviving without hearing your name from anyone's lips.

And when you get mentioned, it's all I can do to not badger the person with incessant questions.

Thing is, I just want to hear you speak again, and if I can't have that I want to hear about you.

But I can't ask without being obvious, so I'll just not ask at all and hope that you do something outrageous so that even we Pisay people here in Manila will gossip about it. :)
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In my last post, I listed several quotes from my previous lj entries. There was so much angst and happiness and anger and even confusion in one year of typing. It's funny, because all of those quotes seemed unrelated, haphazardly collected yet they make up something inexplicable, unique, and different.

And I'm really happy, since so many people posted and said they liked my writing (in the last entry). :) Getting compliments like these is a new experience for me. :) Really, thanks. :) You all made my day a lot happier. :)

After rereading all my entries I find myself wondering about how I got to this point in time, this place in the world (Intarmed, if you must). Honestly, if you asked me what I wanted to be in grade 7, I would have said that I wanted to be a computer engineer. (Hahahahaha dreams of a Lorraine who didn't know of the horrors of resistors.) Before that, I wanted to be a concert pianist. When I was even younger, I harbored a dream of becoming a ballerina - but then life came by and that was rendered impossible.

It's funny. I had a story published in the Science Scholar in first year. Jean and Inzo-sama both have saved copies of my story. I even autographed my English teacher's copy after she read it. >_< Leo even read it aloud when he got his copy of the newspaper. (Bad Leo. Bad. This was also during an experiment in IS.) I became known because of this story - people from other batches and even teachers approached me and asked who he was. My gosh, even Sir Villavert read it. >_< Every year, whenever I meet my new classmates for the first time, that story will come up and everyone will say who they think he is. Apparently it was very popular.

But I don't have a copy of it. I lost the newspaper where it was printed, lost the final draft, and I have no idea where the computer file is.

Eventually my friend gave me a copy but as we all know, too many things can happen to things written on paper (burning, disintegration, get flushed down the toilet). This is why I will now enshrine it here in my lj, where hopefully no coffee stains nor paper shredders will render it unreadable.

//Warning: I am not responsible for any barfing induced by reading this. I wrote this four years ago. Gawd, I was a sap back then. A verbose sap. It's interesting to see how much my writing style has evolved yet somehow stayed the same. And yes, I am such a passive person. Thank you.

The infamous story that haunted my whole Pisay stay... (with side comments) )


I'm an overly sensitive soul who wasn't so sensitive at one point in time and is now overly so to make up for it.

At least, this is what I told my Intarmed classmate as explanation for my apology.


I heard that there is now a carabao at Pisay :) :)

That's it, I want to visit. Soon. Asap. Something.

Not to mention I want to see if it's true that the squatter population living in front of Pisay has diminished greatly since we left.


I would like to be an activist but sadly I have a Philo test at the exact same time that I am called to be one.
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Tagged by [profile] moodswings08

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.
5. Don’t you dare dig for that “cool” or “intellectual” book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.
6. Tag three people.

Okay, and I happen to have a romance novel next to me. >_< By Meg Cabot. Prepare yourselves. >_<

Victoria and the Rogue

Lord Malfrey was sent away with looks of great suspicion and mistrust, since the Gardiners did not know it was their niece, and not the earl, who'd broken off their engagement.

Only Captain Carstairs, hearing the news from a very agitated and happy Clara (who dearly loved tales of gloom and heartbreak, particularly any that involved her female relations), seemed unsurprised, and said only that he hoped Lady Victoria felt better upon the morrow, when he would return to call upon her. Then he went home whistling, to Clara's great disapproval, in spite of the rain, the solemnity of the occasion and the fact that gentlemen simply did not whistle.

I tag erm... [personal profile] oatmeal_cookie, [profile] frederick_andre, and [profile] twisted_rebel06. :)


Remember this?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Japan decided to update it a little.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Pictures of the new Powerpuff Girls Anime in Japan :) )


Finally we had our Math 17 Long Test yesterday. The power almost conked out but thankfully didn't. Test ended around 8:30 pm or something. Gah.

Anyway, that's done. Hahahahahahahaha.

Venn Diagram featuring DOTA, Freestyle and Need for Speed :)

Question: If a, b, c, ..., y, z are elements of the Real Number Set...
(x - a)(x - b)(x - c)...(x - y)(x - z)


Tomorrow, I'm sort of required to watch the UAAP game of UP vs. Ateneo for Kom 1. (It was bonus points at first but suddenly we all have to write a reflective essay on it.)

Ah well. It'll be my first time watching a UAAP game wherein I don't have a relative playing for any school...
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Yesterday in PE 1 (yes, the dreaded lecture PE) we had erm... aerobics. Since aerobics generally is more about stamina than fancy-schmancy exercises that promise to break my hip, I wasn't excused from it.

Oh the drama and horror )


(after PE class, wherein we are all sweaty and tired)

Friend Miguel: I hope Rob is open at 9.
Self and other friends: Why? 10 pa siya bubukas.
Self: I think Robinson's Supermarket is open at 9.
Miguel: I need to buy shampoo, soap, deoderant.
Self: You can always use your tawas crystal...
Miguel and friends: Tama! :)
(but since Miguel's tawas crystal was colored pale yellow)
Friends: Edi yellow na armpits mo mamaya...

I was just kidding...


Our long test in (the dreaded) Math 17 was supposed to be yesterday at 5:30 - 7:30 pm. After PE, we had no classes so we went back to our chosen places and studied (and tried to make our tawas crystals bigger in so many hours - futile mission). Then 2:30 pm was my NatSci class.

At 4:00 pm the lights went out at UP. It was really dark inside GAB so we tried to study outside but...

Rain forced us back inside.

Sabi nga naman ng mga upper years: "Be prepared." There were two people studying also for Math 17 (not from Intarmed) who brought a flash light! >_<

So we thought that maybe we wouldn't have the test since it would be super-dark inside the classrooms by the time the test actually started. Then Ace remembered that their Comm teacher told them that one departmental exam was also during a brownout and...

They used candles.

So we panicked.

Ardynne-san, CJ, and I tackled this horrendously doomingly hard Venn diagram problem for at least 30 minutes. (Oo na, Venn Diagram po. Basta. Nahirapan talaga kami.) By the way, the past departmental exams are creepy. There was a Venn diagram involving Dora the Explorer. >_<

At around 5:00 pm, the brownout ended. A few minutes after this happened, Ardynne-san received a text from JF (dahil siya lang may signal/battery).

Oh more drama )

Interestingly enough, my module and the everpresent Vance disagree on the signs of subsets and proper subsets. While I believe that Vance is probably the better source, it's easier to blame the module if my teacher marks me wrong. Not to mention the module is the book he's using like his own personal bible/teleprompter.

Okay, hopefully tomorrow the test will push through. I don't like sleeping next to my module anymore. Bah.

[/edit] Di ko alam suspended pala ang klase ngayon sa maraming eskwela. Alam ko lang na wala kaming klase (dahil wala ang lecturer namin, etc.). >_< Ganon ba talaga kapag UP Manila? Pero ako nga lang siguro ito.

[/edit2] If a y!m friend of mine can be trusted, there's no school tomorrow. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

[/edit3] Walang pasok bukas! Math 17 Long Exam, it is not meant to be. >_<


Alam mo, nahihiya na talaga ako sa sarili ko. If only I could just fall for some guy in Intarmed and zomg, forever is calling.

Mahal pa kita, eh.


I think I'm the only one in Intarmed who hasn't watched High School Musical yet. This is doubly sad because my sister has an original DVD that she bought in the USA.


And now I need to go grocery shopping since I ran out of drinking water. Haaaaaayyy Intarmed. And this is only the beginning.
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NatSci = What the heck pyrite pala donk a donk donk plus bakit may police sa labas ng klasrum???????

Galing ni Trebor, sinabi na kailangan ng streak test :)

[Real story will come in a friends-only entry. Di pa ako nakarecover eh.]


Panalo ito.

Math question for Homework:

(2a^2-3b^3)(______________) = (_____________________)

Pilosopo yung katabi ko (si Bean). Sabi niya, "Paano kung 0 ang nilagay namin?"



We watched Kingdom of Heaven last Thursday for Philo (and quit 1/4th through it) and went to the Guidance Office for our required interviews. (Ewan ko nga rin anong relasyon ng movie na yan sa Philo. Umalis na kami nung nagpakita yung love interest ni Orlando Bloom.)

One of my classmates made this survey and passed it around the Intarmed class during the movie.

Taken/Not Taken?

Kind of..., Taken, Not Taken, Looking, Waiting to be Found (meron talagang nagpili nito :)) and something else...

Alam mo naman ako, ayaw ko magsinungaling, so "Kind of" ang pinili ko. Tapos nilagay ko na "nasa Diliman eh..."

Conversation with Friend from Intarmed and Athena during Guidance Waiting Period:
Friend: Kind of ha...
Self: Eh... Di naman naging kami eh... pero di naman ako naghahanap dahil gusto ko nga siya...
Friend: Anong course niya sa Diliman?
Self: *is about to tell him (since he's from Pisay Davao, he doesn't know anyone from our batch) but remembers Athena is there* Kasi malalaman ni Athena eh...

Sayang. Ah well.


Walang pumatol sa sinabi ko nung naunang entry (yung tungkol sa sasabihan ko kung sino siya basta magkwento ka tungkol sa kanya) kaya...

Bahala na kelan may makakalaman kung sino ang minamahal ko. Hahahahahahahaha.


Trebor made me cry last Monday. I was so happy then because we left Histo 5 early for the flag ceremony and he had to mention his name fondly. Panira naman.

Inis. Bakit ba ganyan parin?


I now have food coloring on my hand. It won't come off. Boo.

Dang you NatSci tawas crystal...


And because I'm currently waiting for super tawas crystal to magically appear from my tawas solution... *donk*

Ten to One )

High School ;) )


Haaaaaayyyy. Back to the tawas crystal watching.
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You know, I have no idea what the new "Panunumpa sa Watawat" is. Zero. Zilch.

My ignorance of this was highlighted during the College of Medicine Flag Ceremony two days ago. Luckily, there were copies of it given to us. Still...


The Oblation statue here in UP Manila seems to be tilted. I'm wondering if the tilt is intentional or maybe we have our own manifestation of what's happening with the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


We used our knowledge of First Aid from Health to lift people during NSTP! ;)

"Hey, hey, are you ok?"


I have to read this Filipino short story for Kom 1. As of now, I've read it three times and all I understand is that there's a carabao in it. And the carabao's name is Paparo.

Forget my scientific calculator being my best friend, I've just exchanged it for the UP Diksyonaryong Filipino.


I'm starting to understand why Monch copied everything the teacher (and everyone else) said during 1st and 2nd year.

Sometimes copying what my teachers and uber-intelligent classmates say keeps me more focused on the lesson. This applies to everything but Math 17 since everything my teacher says is found in the book.

Not to mention the things that come out of their mouths are hilarious sometimes.


I've found the perfect role model for me here in UP Manila, and he's also in the Intarmed program. He's super-intelligent and well... ok, he's brilliant. Period.

Having Inzo-sama as my role model in Pisay played a big hand in my getting high honors. Let's see if it still works in this whole new environment, this business of having role models.


Apparently there are people who don't like Intarmed Batch 2013 (which is my batch).

Ah well. The fact that they're feeling such an emotion towards us, rather, wasting such an emotion on us when it could be channeled in a more positive manner...

It's their choice. I know it's been my choice to be mad at certain people in my life.

I just don't like it when other people from my batch get hurt.


I was walking down Pedro Gil with Dingdong and Joan when this lady gave me this flyer:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Oh yes. I really need one of these. I mean, my hair may not be as healthy as I'd wish it to be, but it's definitely 100% straight.



Why do I always get paired with people who are happily taken/aren't looking/have questionable genders?

And no, I don't have a crush on the guys I hang out with a lot.

While there are a lot of brilliant guys (actually, all of them are brilliant in their own infuriatingly brilliant ways) here in UP Manila - Intarmed...

My silly heart can't forget a guy in Diliman.

Chikuso. I know it's wrong, but I still can't stop thinking about him. I can't stop dreaming of him. I can't stop caring about him.


*I'm almost willing to spill the beans about who he is just for information about him nowadays. Maybe if I hear about him again and his many antics that just serve to highlight all his imperfections I'll stop feeling this.

Or maybe I'll be able to force myself to stop, at least.

[Note on *: This only works if I know you actually see him every day or even twice a week.]


And before I forget, happy birthday Pauline-san ;)
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What presents do you give a girl?

Imed answer: Flowers, candy, chocolates.

What a certain Pisay guy gave me (for reasons unknown to me): his NSO birth certificate worth 300 pesos at your nearest City Hall (?).

Why do you give a girl presents?

Imed answer: So that she'll forgive you or like you or start falling for you.

Reason certain Pisay guy gave me his birth certificate: "Para kapag manganak ka, pwede mo gayahin lahat ng nasa birth certificate kagaya pangalan, oras at araw ng panganak, etc."

Imed consensus: Weird way of courting. It's like "Bear my child."

Self-commentary: Bah. Weird lang yung tao.

Sorry, it's nearing the day he gave it to me. Just remembered it.


On Monday, we all wore green or white. Ardynne wore something blue-green (pasaway na bata). Actually, we had to be at the inaguration of our new Dean (at the College of Medicine) and we had to clap when the procession with the dean passes by and carry a banner (made by Athena-san). This means of course that we looked silly and weird. But we were all together, so it wasn't so bad. We were very small compared to the other people there, though... (except my 6 foot classmate).


Another reason life is sad:

Today we were choosing the sizes for our PE uniform (white shirt (with logo?) + maroon jogging pants). Shirt was ok. The smallest size was XXL. Hahaha, XXL for kids.

Everyone felt that the size S pants were too short. (Which led to many people getting the M size since they'd rather the pants be loose and not too short.)

When I tried on the S pants...

It was too long.


And sadly, there is no XS.

I think I'm the only one in the block (if not the whole class of Intarmed) with this problem. Waaaaaaaah.


I think life is sad when your very male seatmate in Math 17 combs his hair more than you do, especially if your hair's 10 and one half inches longer than his (give or take an inch).

I ended up combing my hair because of him. Dangit.

To end his continuous combing of his hair (since we had been at it for at least five minutes or so), I stole the comb.

Then he pulled my hair (since he couldn't steal it back).

Waaah. I can't win.


I have met an anime fan :) And he knows a lot of anime too :) We spent part of lunch break talking about so many different anime (from GTO to Saikano to Full Metal Alchemist) :)

NatSci )

Math 17 is providing me with material for another story (aka fiction-ripped-off-my-life fiction).

It's just hard to write it when your seatmate wonders what the heck I'm writing in my Math notebook since everything my teacher says is in the book (I mean, module), verbatim.


I think I've found my own true-to-life Julian Delphiki. His name is perfect too. Not to mention he actually knows who Julian Delphiki is, since he's the only one I know (other than myself) who's read books in the Enderverse.

Now if only a real-life Edward Elric would show up in my life...


At para una sa lahat (well, except JF who sang-said it complete with clapping number), Happy Birthday Joanne :)


"It's a hat, it's a hat, it's a hat!" - The Little Prince, movie version
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Wow, it's around four and a half hours before I leave for NAIA. I really still can't wrap my head round the fact that I'll be leaving again (and hopefully coming back in time for my June 6 orientation). It's crazy.

I'll be in San Francisco for a week visiting my brother who's just finished his first year of MBA studies in Berkeley. (And yes, this is the brother who was in the Top 10 of the Pisay entrance exam, Top 5 when he graduated from high school, and the brother who graduated cum laude in ECE.) Sheesh. I don't know why, but I don't care whatever they do to me in the hospital as long as I get to see him again. I really miss him a lot. *sigh*

Then off to Boston tra-la-la and check-ups galore await me there. *sigh* Yay to getting prodded and pricked with needles and getting exposed to x-ray waves again and again. Ah well.

Take care, guys. :) I might be able to post in the USA when I visit my brother's home (and experience true broadband internet haha XD). I'll be back and hopefully the saga of Da Vinci will die down. (Asa XD) Ah well, see you guys soon :)


I love Pokemon Chronicles. Not only does it focus on the little details of Pokemon (especially the Carbos and Protein boosters, Pokeruz virus, what Ash's and Gary's Pokemon do at Professor Oak's lab, even how gym badges are created), it has this one characteristic that cannot be overlooked: NO ASH and PIKACHU!!!!! (Well, they appear in one out of 22 episodes. Can't be helped. But still. XD)

And Professor Oak doesn't just do research on Pokemon and human relationships, he also writes love poems. ;) "Strength and power like a Tauros," he starts. Eeek. Remind me never to let a Pokemon researcher write a love poem for me. Haha. :)

And yeah, Gary is even cooler than before. :) Imagine, he helped develop the fossil revival machine that resurrects ancient Pokemon (like Omanyte and Aerodactyl). :) He pwns Ash now in so many more ways than before :)

And so many legendary pokemon appear in it too! :) And again, no Ash "The Chosen One" around hahaha :)

Did I mention that Brock's mother is alive? She converted Pewter Gym into a Water Gym too >_< And of course they battle :)

This has got to be the best season of Pokemon ever. :) Except I've still got a soft spot for Indigo League, even if it had the most banned/edited episodes ever (Beauty and the Beach, Tower of Terror, Legend of Dratini, and Electric Soldier Pokemon).

Ah well. Time to finish packing.

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